January Recap

Y’all know how to show a boy some love!  Aside from the birthday wishes, you all made January the BEST month to date for Courtney Out Loud.  2012 is kicking off to be a banner year so let’s take a moment to look back  and highlight at what made January so very awesome……

I started off the year giving myself some directives on how I want to live my life in 2012……

I was pleasantly reminded why I enjoy blogging when two readers shared their own projects inspired by my living room paint stencil.

January also found me working with one of my “design crushes”, Thomas Wold on a new design project for a client….

Even with all the work I somehow managed to snag this month (3 new jobs in January – go me!), I was still able to put out some kick ass recipes from the kitchen including a delicious one for Butternut Squash and Pear Soup as well as a manly meal of Rib Eye Steak with Whisky Sauce and Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes…..

Even with a full tummy (and an expanding waist line), I found time to tell y’all about a few items I have been coveting in my ongoing “Loving Out Loud” series including the Roberts DAB Radio, Hudson Bay Point Blankets and the Alpine Bed from Modernica …..

I also officially kicked off a new ongoing series for the blog called “Guest Vignettes” where I am asking some of my favorite bloggers to share a vignette in their home and explain its sentimental meaning to them.  I was lucky enough to snag Holly from the Almost 40 Year Old Intern and Alycia from Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One…..

Finally, I shared with you all my pending article in Adore Magazine, my day at the Clars Auction House and my first give away of 2012.

February is gearing up to an even better month with some new interviews, another give away and maybe a video or two!

So did you have a favorite post from January or have a suggestion for something you want to see on the blog?  Drop me an email or comment and let me know!

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Loving Out Loud: Hudson Bay Point Blankets

Do you ever have those moments when you wonder how you got from Point A to Point Z?  Well that is pretty much my life.  I am sure that if my thoughts were ever to be printed, I would instantly be committed to the psych ward.

For example, I was happily researching kitchen flooring for a client when the following train of thoughts occurred…..

It is chilly in the house today.  I should put on my sweater.  Whatever happened to that sweater you bought in high school from Hudson’s?  It’s sad that Hudson’s Department Stores went out of business like the Woolworth’s in downtown Detroit.  I love penny candy.  I would kill for some sour cherry gummies right now.  Damn, I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday.  I hate the striped smock she always wears…it’s like Rainbow Brite became a dental hygienist.  Heee heee.  Rainbow Brite was an odd cartoon.  But it would be sorta cool to do a kid’s room ala Rainbow Brite.  I wonder if there is striped rainbow bedding.  Let me do a Google search……

A few short minutes later, I was looking longingly at the Hudson Bay Point woolen blanket…….

I am infatuated with this blanket……the colors are amazing and all I want to do now is completely redecorate my guest room so I can buy this blanket.  If I was crazy enough to redesign my guest room, the pics below are the perfect inspiration for the feel I want to evoke….imagine New England prep with a hippy undertow.

And there you have it……you have glimpsed a bit of my design crazy and now understand why I buy very odd things late at night.  Speaking of, did I ever tell you about the time I bought a rabbit online…..maybe I will save it for another day.

But I am going to tell you that you have until midnight (PST) to enter the Pier 1 $50 Give Away!  There is still time to enter!!!

So are you like me and let your mind wander or are you much more regimented?  Leave a comment and tell me how you think!

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