Recipe: Ginger Lemongrass Tea

Sometimes people bring you back things from their vacations that while nice gestures, are pretty much useless and destined for the Goodwill box.  Fortunately, The Partner’s trip to Bali proved fruitful on numerous levels the least being all the wonderful bits and baubles that he bought.  I will be sharing those next week now that I have them organized.  But there is something else he brought back with him that makes me exceedingly happy…..this recipe for ginger lemongrass tea. 

Prepared for him at the resort complex he stayed at, the tea is a beautiful concoction of herbs and spices.  It’s light nature is perfectly suited to be sipped on warm evenings are as I enjoy it, in bed reading a magazine.  It’s really quite simple to prepare and aside from the water, it only requires 4 ingredients: lemongrass, honey, a cinnamon stick and fresh ginger. 

The recipe below is for one serving of tea.  And a word to the wise, don’t substitute lemon juice for the lemongrass or dried ginger for fresh.  In both instances, the alternative ingredients overpower the delicate balance of the ingredients.

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I find the tea is the perfect way to relax or take a quiet moment for myself.  So if work stresses you out, have a mug of this around 3pm — it is the perfect precursor to happy hour.  As for myself, I have a bunch of classwork to complete, so I think I see multiple mugs of tea in my future……

Here is to each of us having the weekend we want and the time to enjoy it!

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