Loving Out Loud: Krups High Performance Deep Fryer

For a brief period of my early childhood, I lived with my maternal grandmother. Every Sunday she rose early to help the family get ready for Sunday school. We would all pile into a car and attend services, while my Grandmother stayed home. I never quite got why my Grandmother did not join us at church until years later when my Mom pointed out that Sunday mornings were the only time that the house was empty. We lived in a four bedroom house with 7 people, so there was always someone at home….well except on Sundays. It was her time, yet when we arrived back home in the afternoon there would be the distinct sound of chicken frying…..that almost “white noise” of the grease hissing and our old exhaust fan wheezing to suck up the heat. That sound meant dinner was being cooked. Even during her “me time”, Grandma was thinking about the family and we were normally greeted with fried chicken, corn bread, sweet potatoes and collard greens. That sound of chicken being fried is embedded in my memory as something I find soothing …….

So I was pleasantly surprised that I had such a strong wave of nostalgia when I fired up my Krups High Performance Deep Fryer last week. This fantastic piece of metal wonder and delight was purchased as a birthday gift by my dear friend Larry. Through a bit of trickery on his part, he found out my secret wish of owning my own deep fryer and surprised me this beauty:

Isn’t it beautiful? As soon as we got it I instantly knew we would be making Black Truffle Fries in our near future. Well this weekend, The Partner and I tried it out since we both wanted burgers for dinner. Out came a pack of Uruguay ground beef, three potatoes and our infamous black truffle sea salt and transpired was magic.

The above fries were fantastic. Crispy, yummy, salty and truffled to the max — they were heaven with the burger:

In culinary school, we deep-fried plenty of stuff and let me tell you, cleaning the deep fryer at the end of the night sucks! Thankfully the Krups deep fryer dissembles and all the pieces (minus the control panel) can be placed in the dishwasher making for super easy clean-up.

However, aside from fancy fries and the occasional fried Mars Bar, owning the deep fryer means I can now make fried chicken without fear. While my fried chicken won’t be as good as my Grandma’s, I do hope I do her proud in another way. I am hoping that I can start a tradition of my own that centers around a weekly meal with my circle of friends and family in California.

If I am lucky, someone in the distant future, will hearing the sound of grease hissing and think of the times they spent over my dinners. hopefully, they will be warm memories that will inspire them and their loved ones…….

Disclaimer: I have not compensated by Krups or anyone affiliated with the company in any manner. My the statements in this posting are of my own unsolicted opinion. They reflect my views and use of the product showcased.

When Did Walmart Get Hip?

I know…I know.

It’s easy to bash Walmart regarding its emphasis on value rather than style.  We all know that the company had aligned itself to be the anti-thesis of Target-chic.  However, over the last few months, I have noticed a very odd trend on Walmart.com in particular……they are stocking some really cute (and affordable) items.  While many of the”cute”  items I have seen are only available online, the merchandise mix as of late has incorporated on-trend colors and interesting patterns at really great prices.

I blame blogger bad boy, Decor Demon, for turning me onto Walmart’s metamorphosis with his brilliant Christmas post.


Honestly, everything in the picture is from Walmart .... well the dog isn't but you get the point

Source: DecorDemon.com

He found hip, trendy and affordable holiday decorations and whipped himself up a Christmas Wonderland that made me jealous.  So jealous in fact that I went out and scoured two different Walmart stores to find the white Christmas tree in the above picture.  Thanks to my tenacity and lack of morals (I had to steal the tree out of a cart of an old lady.  It wasn’t a proud moment but you gotta do what you gotta do), I was able to snag the tree along with a slew of half-priced decorations for pennies!

Thanks to another blogger, the suave gent behind Mr. Goodwill Hunting I was introduced to Walmart bedding.  Honestly, it’s no worse than the stuff at Target, but again the patterns are modern and the color palette is on point!  Honestly, Walmart.com is killing me right now, so I figured I would share the items getting my “nod of approval” (as it that means anything to y’all)…..

1) Divatex Diamond 250 Thread Count Duvet Mini Set, Spice: $29.88-$39.88 2) Melrose Adobe Fleece Rug: $30-$93 3) Hometrends Marmon Decorative Pillow: $13.00 4) Recycled Magazine with Gold Thread Round Mirror: $38.88 5) Correlle Vive Glass Ribbons & Swirls 16-piece Dinnerware Set: $39.97

I have ordered the Divatex bedding and am waiting on it to arrive.  Once I get it, I will give you the deal-o on whether it is a hit or a miss. But until then, I would love to  hear from anyone who has ordered any home decor from Walmart.com that they are in love with….inquiring minds want to know!  Well, actually I am just nosy and like getting email, but that is besides the point………

Music Room Redo: Before Pics

So with The Partner away for the week, I decided to tackle my second room makeover; what I like to call the music room.

Well it’s not really a music room per say. There are no grand murals, marble floors or antique instruments. But there is an upright Clavinova electric piano and a ton of sheet music, so in my head, it’s a music room.

I am a glutton for punishment I think trying to paint and redo two rooms in one week. However Poppa has a deadline to get the house in order before I head to culinary school in less than 2.5 weeks. The clock is ticking so I need to get painting!

My weekend will be painting and touching up and touching up and touching up thanks to my idea that I want faux panel molding in the room aka like a real music room. Two complimentary blue paints popped with crisp white trim. Fingers crossed it works out.

I spent last night taping off the design and then changing my mind and RETAPING the entire room since the design looked off. Argh. In any case, here are the before shots. Say a little prayer for me as I tackle this paint job.