Play Date: Home Depot Patio Challenge….

“There comes a time when you hear a certain call and the world must come together as one….”

(yes, I am not above quoting 80s music to get my point across…)

I heard that call and it was from my patio saying, “Time for an update!”.  Don’t get me wrong, the bones of our patio are great.  We invested a chunk about two years ago, adding in drip irrigation, mature trees, pavers and leveling out a section of it for extra room.  We ended up with a compact space that can serve for entertaining and lounging….

Patio - Overview Shot

Patio Firepit Seating

However, after spending two years with the initial design, we have found that our needs have shifted for our outdoor space. I wanted desperately to tweak the space to fit our lifestyle and fortunately for me, my call was answered by the fine folks at Home Depot who asked me to participate in their Patio Challenge with several other noteworthy bloggers and designers.  It is a design and DIY lovefest up in here!  I am stoked to be part of this fantastic group of creative folks.

It also means I need to bring my A-game to the table because these peeps don’t half-step when it comes to their projects.  As for myself, my punch list includes:

– Create a dining area where the existing sitting area resides:  We are eating more and more outdoors and it would be great to have a dedicated spot for al fresco dining…..

– Create dedicate fire pit lounge:  I love our fire pit and use it often.  We have some great butterfly chairs that I have been using but I think swapping out the seating for a more permanent option makes the most sense….

– Add greenery:  Plants, plants & plants!  I envision some great topiaries or fruit trees in large pots, more cacti and a few pots of flowering beauties.  You can NEVER go wrong with plants….it is the outdoors!

– Finishing details:  I have a few easy, practical and fun projects slanted to a more modern angle to finish off the space.  Simple projects that will solve some issues I think we all experience with our patio but have big impact!

Can’t wait to start and thankful to Home Depot for giving me the opportunity to play in my backyard!

[disclaimer: I was provided with free merchandise by Home Depot as part of their Patio Challenge.  All thoughts and statements are my own.]

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