Red Jeans…. Go To Lunch….

So my red jeans infatuation continues …..

After figuring out how to work the red jeans into my work wardrobe, which I thought would prove the hardest, I thought it would be smooth sailing to integrate the jeans into my every day wear.  Well, I was wrong.  Integrating the jeans into my normal rotation challenged me since every outfit I tried on made me feel like I was either (1) posing for a Christmas card or (2) was trying too hard.

Then it struck me — stick with what you know.  And I know my way around stripes and black and white, thus how the next outfit was born.  Sometimes the best advice is to keep it simple ……


Tomorrow, I finish off the series showing how my red jeans like to get their party on!

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Red Denim …. Goes to Work …

I don’t know when it all started. For years, I was a black, grey or tan pants kinda guy — if I was feeling crazy, maybe a glen plaid. Then one day, an undeniable need for color in my closet entered my clothing psyche and I have been on a quest to fill my closet with all the hues of the rainbow. Vibrant sweaters, colorful shirts and bedazzled shoes began to fill my hangers and shelves, yet when it came to pants, it was still the same old safe options.

So a few months ago, I ventured outside my comfort zone and purchased a pair of red jeans from H&M. For some, this is about as exciting as watching paint dry (which as a designer, paint drying can be exciting but I will save that for another day) but for me, purchasing these red jeans was terrifying and exhilarating. I was so excited that I asked my friend to take some shots of me in said jeans and before I knew it, we had a full-fledged ANTM photo shoot!

Red jeans are not the item that pops into my head when I think versatility but surprisingly, the jeans could easily carry me from client meetings to a dinner date to a swinging nighttime party. So I figured over the next couple of days I would demonstrate how my new red jeans carried me through my week…..

And today, let’s talk about work……

For me, nothing elevates a work outfit more than a structured jacket. But says you can’t wear your traditional camel jacket and pressed white oxford with some kicking colored denim…..

Want to try to re-create the above outfit? Start here…


Tomorrow, it’s all about how to take the jeans out on the town for date night.

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