And We Are Off….

High Point

And I am off on a plane to High Point Market, one of the largest furniture and home accessory trade shows in the US.  I went last year and was amazed, overwhelmed and giddy all at the same time.  I was also tired, hungry and had a sore shoulder from carry those damn catalogs (rookie mistake).

So next week my posts may be spotty but if you want to keep up on all the awesome things I am seeing, doing and experiencing while at High Point, I strongly suggest you follow me on FacebookTwitter or Insta.gram – it’s going to be where I will be posting all the amazing things I am sure I will be seeing.

However, I do have one special post next week — I get to finally reveal my “tweaked” patio that I worked on with Home Depot!  Until then, be safe, know you are loved and try to have a great weekend amid this crazy time in our country.

Peace and love.

Craigslist Find: Blue Vinyl Chairs…..

So let me get the obvious stuff out of the way….thank you to everyone who is supporting my Joss and Main Curated Sale.  Things are selling out and while I like to think its due to my killer tastes, it’s really because of y’all.   So selfishly, I am going to say KEEP BUYING!  Think of it as doing your patriotic duty to help spur the economy!

Okay, that aside, today I am off to look at a pair of 1960s vintage blue vinyl office chairs that I found on Craigslist…..

I am instantly drawn to the shape of the chairs and think they would look fabulous in one of my client projects.  They definitely need some TLC but I envision them as beautiful sculptural  accents in a living room or den.

I would recover the chair in a light creamy linen with  (maybe black) linen contrast welt.  Or  I see these in a masculine herringbone with chocolate leather welting, but in either case, it is the shape the chair that really is the star!

I go look at them today and fingers crossed I can get them for a good deal!  Speaking of other drool worthy furniture, check out the article I did for CasaSugar on my “covet-worthy lust list” from Spring High Point Market.

Okay, off to run some errands and see my potential new scores!  So tell me, what one piece of furniture is on your “lust list” for Spring/Summer?

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Joss & Main Curated Collection Preview…..

I know I have been a “bad blogger” this week with pretty much complete radio silence.  However, for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know it wasn’t for lack of desire.  I spent an amazing 3 days at High Point Market looking at the trends for Fall 2012 in home decor and accessories.  I got back on Tuesday night and immediately dove into finishing up my final portfolio for class which was due on Wednesday.  I cut it to the wire and after some scheduling snafus with other projects, I literally found myself running (seriously…) through the educational center to drop off my portfolio on time.  I made it with about a minute to spare as  the teacher was packing up to leave.

Yesterday, found my organizing and editing over 200+ pictures from High Point for a special feature I am doing with Casa Sugar to highlight upcoming trends which should be posted shortly.  And that leads us to today, which I think may be one of the most exciting days this week because I get to share with you all a preview of my Joss and Main Curated Sale that goes live this Sunday!!!!!

The sale is based around what I think is the “holy design trinity” of pattern, texture and sheen.  Yes I know color is a huge factor in design, but without these three supporting players, it doesn’t matter how much color you put into a room, it will be flat and lifeless.  While I picked items that I loved and thought would work in a variety of homes, I was also pleasantly surprised that my curated collection is right on target with the broad themes I saw at High Point.  Here are a few pieces you will see in the sale and why they are on trend…..

Texture and reclaimed wood were dominate players at Market this year.  Every major retailer was showing furniture either made from reclaimed wood, live edge  tables or storage pieces with tons of texture.  This coffee table from Jeffan is sculptural and tactile but it can take a beating.  While not toddler-friendly, it can stand up to the best that your older kids can dish out.

Lucite found its way into accessories throughout Market but I was in love with the lucite furniture that designers were showcasing.  This loveseat from Kartell has everything going for it – it’s lucite, it’s the hue of the moment, orange and it’s velvet for that wonderful luxe feeling.

Industrial is sticking around for Fall and this table from Moe’s is the perfect example how you can incorporate a small piece of the trend into your home!

As I said, orange may be getting all the press now, but it’s cousin yellow is definitely trying to start a revolution.  Yellow was a strong accent color found in accessories throughout Market.  If you are looking to bring this trend into your home, try it with beautiful bed linens from Nine Spaces.  It’s a small way to get huge impact in a non-permanent way.

This is just a small sample of what the curated sale has, so be sure to swing by Joss and Main on Sunday to check out the full sale!  And since there is no rest of the weary, I am off to meet a contractor to discuss built-in shelving and demo on two projects!

Have a GREAT weekend……

ps:  In case you missed the Curated Sale, you can find many of the pieces I talked about above and those included in the sale on Joss and Main’s parent site, as well as it’s sister site, .

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