Spring Is Here….

Last night was the kind of evening I daydreamed about for years since moving to San Francisco.  I went to the Joyus Viewer’s Choice Launch Party at HD Buttercup.  I along with 3 of the other bloggers who participated in the challenge drank, smoked and nibbled on delicious yummies thanks to local Bay Area food trucks.  I was lucky enough to have The Partner and one of my good friends join me for the evening.  It was surreal seeing my face plastered on multiple screens throughout the store……

I left the party walking on air and just overjoyed that I was able to be part of this fantastic group of people.

So I woke up this morning and was still riding the “serotonin wave”.  I went downstairs to grab a cup of coffee and as I was savoring the rush of caffeine as filtered into my system, I noticed that my little patio garden was coming alive once again.  Things are in bloom!  I grabbed my camera and took a few shots – much to the chagrin of my neighbors who saw me with my bed head mumbling to myself with a camera and a mug of coffee……

I am now inspired to spend a few  hours this weekend in the yard to hang the outdoor lights, replant a few dead plants and add a new layer of mulch.

Ahhh Spring, I am so glad you arrived!  So has the “Spring Bug” bit you?  Are you itching to do some outdoor projects?

On a side note, thank you to everyone who has voted for my room on Joyus.com. You can vote for my room multiple times and each time you vote, you are entered to win a $1500 shopping spree from Joyus, so it pays to click especially in light that none of us won the mega lotto…..

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Planter Reaper Strikes Again……

Typically when someone mentions “amber wave of grain” they are either:

1) Extremely patriotic

2) Actually discussing wheat fields

I use the term to discuss the chaos known as my patio garden containers.  Back in June, we finished refreshing our outdoor space and I opted to plant Cannomois Grandis (Virgata), a reed-like plant that was supposed to grows up to 10 feet tall and hide the retaining wall.  The shoots on the plant take on a pinkish hue while young and can range from yellow to red as it matures.  These were the plants in July……..

Pretty cool right?  Tall, slender shoots that rustled in the glorious warm breezes of the afternoon.  The reeds were the perfect organic juxtaposition to all the hard angles in the space.  Fast forward to October……..

Good Grief Charlie Brown!  My once tall (and green) plants now look like shafts of wheat ready for harvest.  Yet again, my fickle finger of plant death has snuck in and wiped these suckers out.  “Virtually kill proof” said the gardening shop I bought the plants from …. well “virtually” doesn’t mean entirely.  Honestly, I should be hired by R&D by some horticulture company to test out the durability of their plants – because let’s be real, if a plant can withstand me, it can withstand anyone!

At least on a brighter note, the aptenia I planted in the new box on top of the fence is thriving.  This is what the planter box looked like in mid-July…….

And here is what the box looks like now…..

The aptenia has totally grown over the sides of the box and is beginning to trail nicely.   Surprisingly, I thought I would kill these plants before I killed the reeds since I grew these from cuttings.  Go figure……

It looks like I have taken one step forward and one step back as it relates to my patio.  So it looks like I will be shopping this weekend for some new plants for the containers – I am thinking of cutting my losses and going with bamboo.  What do you think?

Have a great weekend!

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Needless Obsession: Stag Ferns

Are you familiar with staghorn ferns aka “stag ferns”?  These plants are epiphytes, meaning they prefer to grow above the ground attached to tree trunks or rocky surfaces where they can siphon water run-off from their host. The run-off normally contains enough nutrients to feed the fern.

I stumbled upon them while searching for low-light plants to replace my ever rotating cast of house plants in the master bedroom.   While stag ferns can be grown in a pot, they traditionally are grown mounted to wooden bases and hung in shady areas.  Hanging stag ferns like trophies on a wall has my mind racing over all the design possibilities they hold for creating living art within an indoor room or how they could transform a barren fence outdoors.  Fortunately, some forward thinking designers have had the same vision and created some really interesting vignettes with the plant…..

I am officially needlessly obsessed with these plants.  I love how they bring a sense of life and sculpture to rooms they inhabit.  So what do you think?  Would you put a stag fern in your home?

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