Gift Guide for the Pampered Pooch ….

I am a proud pet owner.  If you follow me on Instagram you will probably know that it is littered with snapshots of my pup, Scruffy….

Scruffy Collage

I love that little mutt like he is member of the family, so it makes sense that as Christmas approaches, I am searching for the perfect little something to stuff into his stocking (and yes he has a stocking).  If I was a betting man, I think that there is a strong possibility that one (ok two..) of these items may find their way into Scruffy’s life come Christmas morn …

pampered pooch gift guideClockwise: Petite Doggie Rope “Cigars” // Ralph Lauren Fair Isle Dog Sweater // Porcelain Geo Bone Dog Bowl // Union Made Hand Dyed Ombre Dog Leash // Jax & Bones, Jerry the Giraffe Dog Toy // TheArtfulPet Custom Pet Portrait // Collapsible Water Bowl

Typically I am against dressing up animals as little humans but I think I may break my rule for that Ralph Lauren doggy sweater.  ACK!  I can justify it by stating that is has been unseasonably cold this year in California.  But honestly, while the sweater may help fight the chill for Scruffy, it 100% warms my heart!

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Now if you excuse me, it’s time for Scruffy’s walk and I don’t want to be late!

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Sometimes I Just Can’t Stand It…..

Not to gloat or anything, but at times I honestly think my dog Scruffy is the cutest thing ever to walk on four legs……

Honestly, the cock of the head, the floppy ears and scruffy coat (ergo his name). I am suffering a diabetic cute coma. It’s cute overload! I look at him and my mind races to dark places.

When I get in this hyper state, I sometimes do things that I should not do. Like buy my dog a full rain suit on sale from Lands End. I never thought of myself as the type of dude who would dress his dog, but in my defense, the Bay Area has rainy winters. A rain coat for my dog would make my life easier or that is how I am justifying it…..

I just can’t stand it! How adorable does Scruffy look in that hat. I literally am having seizures on the floor from the shot. However, I am positive that behind those puppy dog eyes, there is something sinister a brewing.

Why do you ask? I am pretty sure that when Scruffy came home with us from the pound he never envisioned being dressed up like a gay weather man and having his picture plastered all across the internet. For this atrocity alone, I am sure that Scruffy is plotting to kill me in my sleep.

Without a doubt, I am sure he is just waiting for his moment……

So if you don’t see a posting from me on Monday, you know that Scruffy snapped and took me out ala Chuck Norris style because he truly couldn’t stand it.

Now that I have painted my dog as a vicious killer with a knack for wearing aborable hats, have a GREAT weekend! I will be watching my back and doing homework.

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