Play Date: Pantone MyColor Paint Party….

Some folks would qualify me as a “DIY blogger” but the dirty truth is that I am far from handy. I am clumsy, forgetful and at times slightly dangerous with an industrial stapler (I once stapled my sleeve to a cabinet….) so when the peeps at Pantone asked if I wanted to participate in their MyColor Paint Party, I got scared, then excited and finally scared again. What was I going to tackle for my paint project? Fortunately, my garage is a banquet (graveyard) of future projects and a quick survey found me staring at this beauty…..

Dresser Before

Sexy right? Our neighbors had kindly placed this on the curb for some helpless DIY-obsessed person to pick up and cart home. Needless to say they didn’t quite expect said person to be me, but nonetheless this small beside table was the perfect candidate for my Pantone make over. I ended up using Trekking Green (a deep green hue), Skylight (a bright airy blue that leans towards white in bright light) and Medieval Blue (a dark blue not as deep as navy). Armed with my trio of colors, I set off for my process of transformation and discovery.

But first, I had to do this……

Paint Stripper 2

Yeah – this puppy had more layers on it than an Olsen Twin during a NYC winter. I counted no less than SIX layers of paint! At one point I swore that this thing was made entirely of paint, but eventually I got down to the wood……


A scrub down with some steel wool to remove any residue as well as a few quick patches and I was finally ready to paint. Truth be told, the total elapsed time for this portion of the project was about 1 full day since I used a “non-toxic” paint stripper rather than the stuff that the mafia uses to dissolve bodies. If you opted to go with the more harsh strippers, you could have stripped this in about a third of the time I think.

Now it’s time for painting! I chose to paint the insides of the drawers with the Skylight…..

Inside Skylight

I am a “more is more” type person, so I went with three coats for the inside. I am pretty sure if I had opted to prime the piece, I could have went with only two, but I am lazy and really wanted to test the paint’s claim to block stains (it does FYI…).

As the inside of the drawers were drying, I started on the outside of the piece with the Trekking Green. Three coats later, the piece was finished and left to dry/cure for a day. Once it had fully cured, I swapped out the glass knobs for some brass rings……

IMG_8300Doesn’t the brass and the green look pretty damn awesome?

And now here is the dresser in all its new glory……

Dresser Done

It’s nestled in the corner of the house and now serves as my “command center” for housing all my fabric swatches and cuttings. It’s so nice having a place for what was being housed in plastic bins and one very over burdened basket……



But wait — there is more! There is a little surprise at the bottom of each of the drawers…..

Stencil Stamp

I took a touch of the Medieval Blue and mixed it with the Trekking Green to do a stencil at the bottom of each drawer. It is a little touch but it makes me smile when it peeks out from beneath the fabric cuttings.

So now my panic and fear have been replaced with pride and useable storage — a fair trade-off I think! And now here is your chance to join in on the fun with MyColor Inspired by Pantone. You could win a sample of MyColor Inspired by Pantone by commenting here about how you’d use MyColor paint in your next DIY project. For a second chance to win, tweet your project ideas to@MYCOLORPAINTS using hashtag #PassItOn. And, if you “like” the MYCOLOR INSPIRED BY PANTONE FACEBOOK page, you can share your project ideas there for one more chance to win. MyColor is also on Instagram @mycolorpaints. What are you waiting for? Keep cracking and make those comments “colorful”! (couldn’t resist a pun…sorry. it’s a sickness…).

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[photography & styling: courtney lake]

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DIY Lampshade Challenge from

Y’all know I love a good lighting fixture, so when the folks at sent me a message asking if I would participate in their DIY Blogger Lampshade Challenge I jumped at the chance to flex my under utilized DIY muscle.  The challenge was simple, take a basic white shade and work my DIY mojo…..

LightsUp Shade

We were given full reign on how and what we could do with the shade.  I  literally sat and stared at the shade for about an hour realizing that I needed to give myself some parameters, otherwise I would drive myself bonkers.  So I gave myself these rules: (1) the whole project couldn’t be more than $20, (2) the DIY had to take less than a hour and (3) it final look had to incorporate pattern in some way.

With the guidelines set, I then went about looking through the house deciding which room needed a mini-overhaul and I decided that while I ADORE my “music room” I haven’t done much with it in a while, so it was the perfect spot to shake things up.  Deciding on the room gave me a pretty clear direction on where I wanted to go with the shade.  So armed with $20 and one hour, I got to work and created this…..


I wanted to go for a more organic and batik-like feel for the shade but was having a hard time with the concept until I stumbled upon a purple lace at my local fabric store.   The fabric itself was horrible but what it did have go for it was a great overscale pattern that would make the perfect stencil.  It wasn’t overtly flowery or intricate and at $6.99 a yard, it was a definite winner.

I seriously thought about doing an in-depth DIY tutorial, but honestly, it may be insulting to some of you since all I did was take some spray adhesive, lightly coat the shade and then lined up the material ensuring it was straight.  Since I wasn’t going for a crisp line on my pattern as batik typically has a softer feel I wasn’t too worried about bleeding.  Once the step-up was done, I sprayed the whole thing with two cans of glossy Navy Rust-Oleum spray paint.  FYI, If I was spraying on anything but fabric, I would have bought matte spray paint.

One hour later and a little help from a hair dryer (because I am impatient), I was done and the shade was up in the room basking in the warm afternoon light…..


I even had $3 left over so I treated myself to a latte.  Not bad for a day’s work right?  But is offering more than a latte if you visit their site and vote on your favorite DIY shade.  Once you vote, you are entered to win a $100 gift card from them!  Some great bloggers contributed to the challenge, so swing by and take a look….and I promise I won’t be offended if you vote for someone else!

Photography Credit: Photo by Adza

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Lamps and light fixtures at

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for my participation, but all opinions are 100% my own.

So I Have Something to Say To Susan…..

Dear Susan –

Everyone knows you are lazy.  It  is a well known fact around the house.  You hide yourself in the dark recesses of my cabinets and occasionally do your job.  You don’t hold the things you say you do, nor do you spin with the glee you once did in your youth.  You repeatedly drop things and become stuck.  I think for the greater good of my household and my mental well-being, we need to part ways.  I am breaking up with you.



I am sure you are asking, where the heck did that come from?  It’s my breakup letter with my cabinet lazy susan.  I have a strong dislike/hate relationship with my lazy susan.  Things always fall behind it making it impossible to spin.  I find myself spending more time on my back in the kitchen fishing out Tupperware lids than I care to mention.  With all my being, I wish I could rip that sucker out and replace it with this…..

I am in love with the idea of tiered drawers rather than shelves in a corner cabinet.  For those of you who are DIY wizards and have access to power tools, Alloc Init provides a step-by-step tutorial on how he did it.  As for myself, I am going to show this to my carpenter and see if this design would fit with my style of cabinets.

In the mean time, I think I may need to  have another conversation with Susan.  While she may be lazy, she is awfully clingy.  So tell me, is there an aspect of your kitchen that you are looking to change?  Shoot me a comment and tell me……

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