Hanging With Rue Magazine Today…..

Either I am sly like a fox or the folks at one of my favorite magazines Rue are crazier than loons as they gave ME access to their Insta.gram account to document my day for their readers.

I invite you to come along for the ride  by following the hashtag #RuesView or Rue’s Insta.gram at @RueMagazine.  I promise to be on my best behavior and no nudity (well not alot of it)…..

ps:  As I mentioned last week one of my favorite charities DIFFA SF DINING BY DESIGN is now selling tickets to its Table Hop & Taste.  If you are in the Bay Area, pick up your tickets here.

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Pretty With a Purpose – Dining By Design …..

I weigh a whopping 160 pounds, so I don’t have alot of weight to throw around.  However, when I do put my wee might behind something, I want it to be something close to my heart.  Hence why I am so excited to be part of this year’s DINING BY DESIGN, presented by DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS.

This year’s event is shaping up to be simply amazing with tables from San Francisco’s top designers as well as a few national celebrities thrown in for good (and awesome) measure!  Take a peek at some of the concepts that are coming our way in two weeks…..

Tyler Bradford’s “Shipwrecked” concept….

Rapt Studio’s concept of  “representing the ‘connection to blood and the idea of passion’ through the collective inspirations and intertwining actions from multiple disciplines.”

John K.  Anderson Design’s concept of a fantasy flight back to 2001: A Space Odyssey….

Greenhouse Design Studio’s “Not Your Grandma’s Family Dinner” concept….

This is just a sample of some of the amazing concepts that will be on display that evening.  Designs from Jonathan Adler & Kravet, Gensler, La Crema Winery, Effen Vodka and a bevy of other talented retailers, vendors and designers will  be on display for the two-day event!  As an enthusiast of tablescaping, this is like my own little heaven on Earth.  I seriously can’t wait!

And I would be doing the event a disservice not to mention that proceeds will be going to support UCSF Positive Health Program (PHP) at San Francisco General Hospital.  So while it may be pretty….it’s pretty with a purpose.  So if you can, do your part by buying a ticket to the Table Hop & Taste on November 14th.  If you can’t attend, then show your support by following DIFFA SF via Twitter and on Facebook.

Okay, I am off to start my weekend…and by weekend, I mean more work.  This owning your own business is really eating into my TIVO time….

Happy Weekend!

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Weekend Recap….

This weekend could have been all about work if I had allowed myself but after dealing with my Father’s health scare, I am trying with renewed effort to create a balance between work, blogging and life.


So starting clock-wise, my Friday consisted of sitting in traffic, drinking coffee and dealing with shelving.  I was able to break up the cycle with a great shopping/scouting trip with a new client.  We spent the remainder of the afternoon, sourcing couches, chairs and tile for his quick turn around project.


Saturday started off oddly like Friday – sitting in traffic.  Fortunately, that quickly got remedied since I was meeting another client for yet more shopping for his long-term project.  This client is a bachelor (as evidenced by his fridge contents) and we have been slowly working on his place.  Up next is his downstairs lounge/television room which is all about relaxing and hanging out.  It is going to be a huge departure from the rest of the space where we have gone Euro-modern with lots of Italian furniture and sleek pieces….

If the grasscloth is any indicator, we are going for something softer and more relaxed.  I am excited and have already been pounding out designs for custom coffee tables to bring in the client’s love of photography.


Sunday was all about enjoying the day and truly focusing on my family and friends.  So what better way to do that than through consumerism which I ended up doing in spades thanks to Saks.  Technically, the spree happened last week but I was able to play with all my new goodies on Sunday, so I think that counts.  But between all the playing, was able to squeeze in some quality time with a few magazines, make a few phone calls to grandparents and siblings and have she quality snuggle time with The Partner and this beast….

Clearly, he felt he was lacking for love from his stance…

So that was my weekend, not that exciting but definitely packed.  This weekend looks to be just as busy with meetings with a furniture maker, contractor and the fantastic folks at DIFFA’s Dining by Design.

How was your weekend?

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DIFFA San Francisco Dining By Design

I was given the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the amazing installations and tablescapes being put together for the 11th annual Dining By Design benefiting the  UCSF Positive Health Program.  The event is part of DIFFA’s (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) national roster of fundraising efforts to fight HIV infection and raise AIDS awareness.

What I saw goes beyond mere table settings — these are truly works of art.  They range from elaborate tablescapes to full-room installations.  Countless hours of work  by local and national designers go into creating the tables.  Fortunately, many of the tables are underwritten by corporate and private table hosts who off-set the costs associated with the designs.

Walking the event floor was my idea of heaven.  Imagine three levels of amazing tablescapes,  glassware, china and floral arrangements each more inspiring than the other.

Each designer chooses a table theme based on a time, place, event or mood.  Essentially, this is a tablescape throw down and the designers let their imagination soar…..

Out of all the different tables and installations, these two were my absolute favorites….

The first installation is simply amazing.  All white, sleek, and modern.  It is a textbook example of how to use color to influence mood and space.  Standing in it was like being inside an iceberg….a tricked out iceberg with lights and a beautiful table, but an iceberg nonetheless.

The above table was less about the installation but the adorable theme the designers chose to convey – chemistry – which is appropriate when you consider that cooking is nothing about applied physics and chemistry.  However,  the designer went all out using a variety of science related props to create a tablescape that was fun but sophisticated.

I left the event feeling inspired and having a new item on my design “bucket list”.    I am putting it out there that I want to design a table/installation for one of the DIFFA events at some point during my career.  Okay universe, I put it out there…..let’s make it happen!

For more information on Dining by Design, visit www.diffasf.org.

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