Weekend DIY: Yarn Sign

Victoria is an event stylist, freelance designer and online DIY editor who is the voice behind the blog, A Subtle Revelry….

She creates cool stuff and makes me want to be a better person.  Her yarn sign is a simple idea that has multiple applications, ranging from decorations for a kids’ room to the perfect directional signage at a laid back wedding….

For myself, I would create a sign for the holidays and rather than string yarn, use twinkle lights….sorta like a twist on a vintage neon light.  But I am curious…how would you use this sign?  Think about over the weekend and get back to me.

And don’t forget, the April Give Away officially closes on Monday at midnight!

I Now Remember….

I have been working on a home yoga studio this week for a client.  It is a fairly quick turn around project since she needs the space revamped by May 1 and I leave for a vacation and a wedding starting on April 24.  The design includes a vinyl decal on the mirrored closet doors in the shape of a lotus.


I proudly patted myself on the back when the client flipped for the idea and quickly ordered the decal.  Today I installed it and remembered why I have not suggested a vinyl decal in over a year.  Even the simplest ones are a bear to put up, but thanks to my ingenuity (errr….stupidity) and the need to divide the decal between two sliding closet doors, I had to split the  decal into four pieces.

Have you ever tried to put up something that instantly sticks to anything, has to be aligned perfectly  and is a lint magnet? Now multiply that by four.   It wasn’t a pretty scenario.  There were curse words, a tear or two and the realization why I hated vinyl decals.   I finally called upon The Partner for assistance and he came to my rescue.  But even with his help, it took us almost 2 hours to install the decal.  We had to tweak the piece, torque some elements and perform some DIY surgery with my Exact-o knife, but in the end, I am really happy with the results….

I don’t even mind the brass molding on the doors – it almost acts like a frame in this scenario.  Well that is what  I keep telling myself since I can’t change the color.  Denial is a well-used tool in my wheelhouse this week.  So I  still have to paint out the trim and molding, hang artwork and arrange furniture, but I think by early next week, I will be done with the project.  Cross your fingers for me!

However, for the moment, I am going to bask in the glory that is called a lotus decal and write myself a large note NEVER to recommend one to a client again.  Well at least one that I have to install……

For those of you who have entered the April Give Away, thank you!  For those of you who have not, what are you waiting for?  I am basically giving you the dishes off my table!  What are you waiting on?  Blood?    Remember that the give away closes on Monday and you can enter multiple times!

Weekend DIY: Sunburst Mirror

Unlike Charlie Sheen, addiction in some cases is a good thing.  Case in point is Kristi Linauer of the blog Addicted 2 Decorating  – this lady is clearly an addict!  She loves design and she loves DIY projects – all things worthy of an addiction.  While not fully ready for a 12-step plan, Kristi’s easy step-by-step process to creating this fantastic DIY sunburst mirror from wood shims IS worthy of your attention….

Check out Kristi’s two-part tutorial on how to make this statement piece: Part One & Part Two.  This is one of those projects I will keep in my back pocket next time I need to a WOW factor in a room!  Okay, I am off to enjoy my weekend and I suggest you do the same!