Orange Door…

I have been obsessed with doors since my visit to Europe this summer.  Fortunately, I love the front door to our home but that has not stopped me from dreaming.  I have been lusting after a door that says HELLO THERE – something that draws you.  We all know someone who can say – I am the house with THE DOOR and you know exactly which house it is.

So I was pleasantly shocked, surprised, elated when I saw this down the street from me….

One of the 1930s bungalows was recently repainted the perfect shade of greyed out green with bright white trim, however the door was sorely lacking.  I was hoping that would do something fun with it, but this exceeds all my expectations. The unexpected orange creamsicle hue is the wonderful pop of color to the house.  The young couple who own the house are fun and wanted to bring a sense of liveliness to the house but respect the architecture and the neighborhood.  In my opinion – it is the perfect, funky choice for a hip couple.

So what do you think?  Yay or nay to an orange door?  Okay, I am off to the dentist… not the way I wanted to kick off the morning.

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