Play Date: Centsational Girl and Crane & Canopy…

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!  The Partner and I opted for a quiet night in after being honest with ourselves.  We asked what would recharge each us most  and we decided that Greek take out, wine and some snuggling was more on target than a fancy dinner, so that is exactly what we did and it was awesome!

As we enter the weekend, I am excited to hit the auctions looking for little jewels for my clients and few hidden treasures for myself.  But before I do that, I wanted to share that this week I had the opportunity to “play” along some of my favorite people and company……

Kate, aka Centsational Girl, invited me over this week to discuss recliners in design…..


While they are my favorite pieces of furniture, I do think with a little thought, you can incorporate them into any design and avoid the scenario above ala Joey and Chandler…. WHOA!

The team behind bed linen company, Crane and Canopy, invited me over to play around with one of their newest bedding lines, the Linden ….

Crane and Canopy Linden

I had a ton of fun creating a room around the Linden!  Check out the Crane and Canopy blog to see what pieces I chose to complete the look…..

Okay beautiful ladies and gents……have a GREAT weekend and for those of you lucky enough, have an even better LONG weekend!

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Crane and Canopy….

Necessity is the mother of invention… when the founders of the linen store Crane and Canopy couldn’t find bed linens that fit their design aesthetics at a price point that didn’t break the bank, they opted to create their own.  While many of us don’t necessarily start a business to our design needs, being the entrepreneurs they are, they saw a business opportunity to create beautiful and budget-friendly linens….and frankly I am happy they did!

A client introduced me to the line and I can say first hand that it feels and looks fantastic.  Made from 300+ thread count, full/queen duvets are $99 and the prices top out at $120 for California King bedding.  For a price comparison, most of the bedding at Target is more expensive with lesser thread counts.  I am currently obsessing over their Dolores Collection, beautifully embroidered and perfectly chic (drool)…..

I am excited to have found them and looking forward to seeing how I can use them in future projects!  So tell me, do you switch out your bedding according to the seasons?  While you contemplate that, I am going to continue to slog away on a floor plan for a client.  Thankfully, no meetings today so I can slay this beast and move on to more fun stuff…..

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