Loving Out Loud: Real Good Chair by Blu Dot …

Some things just hit you viserally…..like meeting your spouse, an undying love for 80s music or this chair….

The Real Good Chair by Blu Dot in copper is laser cut perfection.  The body is copper plated steel with laser cut seams meaning this baby can be stored flat – a must have for us urban dwellers with less than stellar storage space.

I feel I am in good company since it appears that uber-designers Ariel Ashe and Vicente Wolf both agree that this chair is a winner in this month’s Elle Decor.  Like them, I would use it as a statement piece in a bedroom or living room.  However, my heart is set on using them to replace our slowly decaying dining room chairs.  A little sheepskin cushion to for extra padding and you have a stylish, beautiful and uncommon seating arrangement.

And for me that makes for a real good chair to have…..

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Currently Obsessed With the “Parrot Chair”….

This past weekend, I spent a few leisurely days in Palm Springs doing a little sourcing for clients, enjoying quality time with The Partner and single-handedly  assuring that the Desert Premium Outlets would be kept in business for months to come.

Rather than stay in a hotel, we opted to rent a house in a residential neighborhood.  Before you think I am rolling in the dough, renting a house in Palm Springs is actually more financially prudent than booking a hotel.  For what a standard sized room would have cost us at one of the hotels, we were able to rent a kick-ass 3-bedroom house with heated pool, hot tub and space to bring my beloved dog Scruffy…..

Besides, staying at the house also meant I could walk around in my sweats, drink Coke directly from the liter bottle and not suck in my gut when I was lying by the pool….and for those reasons alone, the house was worth EVERY PENNY!

But staying in this swinging house and touring the different estate and private showrooms in Palm Springs gave me a serious case of “I WANT THAT…” and it didn’t help that I ran across this puppy at a pretty good price…..

The Parrot hanging chair was designed by IB Arberg for Abre Designs, Sweden  in 1974. The chrome tubular seat frame was typically upholstered in Bauhaus furnishing fabric aka corduroy goodness.  Seriously people, this chair is love.  This chair makes me want to wear Hawaiian shirts, buy the Three’s Company complete box set and drink fruit cocktails.  In other words, this is the lounge chair of my dream.

Sadly, the dealer rejected my initial offer of “free” and my subsequent offer of making out with my friend Christian in lieu of payment.  He become more interested when I actually offered money but not so much to accept my low-ball offer.  But this chair is now on my radar and is now destined to be part of my future “man cave”.  Some dudes want big screen TVs while others want a recliner.  I want a Swedish chair named after a bird.

So tell me, is there a piece of furniture you secretly (or loudly) obsess over?  Today I am off to the city to tackle a bunch of errands before DIFFA SF DINING BY DESIGN on Wednesday and Thursday.  Will you be joining us this year?

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Jumping On Palms Springs….

The opportunity arose to mix business with pleasure so I am gonna ….

Tickets printed?  Check.

Files on a USB stick?  Check.

Banana hammock packed? NOT!

But seriously, super excited to be given the opportunity to head down to one of my favorite destinations.  Sure there will be work involved and yes it may be a bit chilly (for Palm Springs) but nothing that a dip in a hot tub or a bottle of wine can’t cure!

Okay lovies I am off!

Jumping into work (and pleasure) feet first…..

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