Easter Table Revisited……

I am a bad tablescaper.

I have had my head down and nose to the grindstone as of late.  It wasn’t until The Partner asked me what I was going to do for this year’s Easter table that I even realized that the holiday was around the corner.  I leisurely went to the calendar to see what my time-table was and BOOM – the cold hard bitch slap of reality hit.  Easter is early this year – like by 3 weeks.


I panicked and ran around the house for a good 2 minutes babbling.  Then I stopped and said my mantra “Sh*t Happens.  Let It Go..” and that is what I did.  I didn’t want to slap something together for the sake of having an Easter post.  I would rather opt not to do a tablescape than do a bad one.  Unfortunately that means that there won’t be an Easter tablescape this year but I have a great Spring tablescape I am working on that I plan on debuting soon for y’all.

However, until then, I thought it may be nice to take a stroll down memory line and look at the table I created last year…..

I think this one is my favorite tablescape I did – its bold, colorful and full of pattern.  I adore it.  Hopefully it gives you some inspiration to go out and do your own for this weekend……

I am off to sketch some stuff for a client!  Have a great one…..

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Easter Tablescape & April Give Away

Note: For those of you overly anxious beavers, details about the give away are at the bottom of this post.

I don’t know if it is the religious connotations associated with the holiday or simply that Easter earmarked that Spring was in full throttle but it has always ushered in a sense of freshness and vitality.  When I was imagining my client for the Easter tablescape that I envisioned, Clara, a 13-year old Southern girl with a bright future and an old soul.  Clara lives in Kentucky with her Mom, Dad and younger brother in a restored Victorian in the section of town right off the main square.  She and her Mom hired me to create the table for the annual Mother & Daughter Easter Lunch that the Junior League throws every year.  It is a time-held tradition and honor to host the lunch and Clara wanted to be sure that the “youth table” where the young members of the Junior League will be sitting is fun, whimsical but not “kiddish”.  The table represents her first interaction with her first Junior League members who range from 12-18 years old.  Clara wanted to impress them with a table that said “Easter” but without using rabbits, lilies and Easter eggs.  This was her moment to emerge as a young lady and shed her “kiddie” image.

It was a tall order, but something I relished since I don’t enjoy doing obvious tablescapes.  After doing a bit of brainstorming, I decided that I wanted to play with the idea of real and faux flowers, so I took a class at my local craft store to learn how to make paper flowers which was tons of fun and really helpful for this project.  In turn, I also knew I wanted to incorporate edible elements into the tablescape.  After playing around with various configurations, I settled on one that used a mix of real flowers, sod, paper & candy flowers, coffee filter wreaths and jelly beans.  Sadly as much as I wanted to use Peeps in the mix, I nixed the idea because I could not find a way to properly display those delicious marshmallow treats and keep them in scale with the rest of the table.

Even sans Peeps, I think I was able to create a table that is bright and bold using pastels and punches of saturated color thanks to fresh flowers.  In the end, I think I was able to give Clara exactly what she wanted – a grown-up table that is youthful……

Overall, the table is definitely the fun and vibrant setting I envisioned thanks in particular to the paisley tablecloth which sets the overall mood.  The tablecloth also dictated the overall color scheme of the table: soft pinks, blues and a healthy dose of white.

The centerpiece is a combination of sod, paper and real flowers.  I used two cake stands for elevation and hid their bases with coffee filter wreaths.  I loved how the wreaths when placed on their sides look like white carnations.  To hide the seams between the two wreaths, I filled them in with paper daisies I made and with real flowers I found in the discount bin at my local grocery store.  The topper is made from sod which I cut to match the shape of the cake stand, a plant pot, a tissue paper pom-pom, another paper flower I made and a yellow daffodil.  I loved how the inclusion of the paper flowers makes the centerpiece less serious and more fun.  I threw in real flowers in the shades of baby & hot pink,  purple and yellow to add color and brightness to what would have been a big white pouf in the center of the table.  Additionally, the sod is a subtle nod to the green artificial grass that tends to line Easter baskets.

The table favors were a play on the centerpiece with the incorporation of sod and flowers, but candy flowers in this case.  The cute flower lollipops and glass vases were a score at the Dollar Store.  When paired with the jelly beans I was able to create a fun, easy and inexpensive way of giving each guest a little something to take home with them.

The place settings are a mix of cool blue plates and linens set off by white chargers and mother of pearl & silver flatware.  I love the dental molding detail on the dinner plates and how well it plays off the scalloped edges of the chargers.  I also am quite enamoured with the color the napkins — they match the blue of the plates perfectly!  The silverware is a mix of pieces from my personal collection including my every day stainless steel forks, seafood forks I inherited from my partner’s parents and my beloved mother of pearl knives.  You may have noticed that there is no stemware on the table and for good reason – this is the youth table and they strongest thing they will be drinking will be lemonade!  However, who wouldn’t enjoy drinking lemonade out of those adorable milk glass goblets.  I paired the goblets with milk glass compote glasses which are holding the jelly beans.

Okay, one last shot before the ladies sit down to their delicious Easter lunch……

So while I love this tablescape and hope you do too!  Why do I hope you love it…well because I am giving it away!  Yup, as a thank you I am hosting my first give away/contest.  Those who enter will be in the running to win a 70-inch Ridgefield Collection paisley tablecloth, 6 Mesa Home Collection plates, 6 Cynthia Rowley napkins and 6 milk glass goblets…..

One lucky winner is basically getting an entire table setting from yours truly!  To enter do one of the following:

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Each time you do one of the above items, come back and leave a comment.  You can do all three and triple your chances of winning!  The contest closes April 18th with the winner being randomly chosen.  Please remember to include an email address in your comment to I can contact the winner.

Again thank you and here is to a fantastic Easter holiday!  Tomorrow, I will provide a detailed breakdown of the tablescape.

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New Year’s Eve Dinner Party Table Setting

As promised, here is the “sister” table setting to the one I posted yesterday.  While yesterday’s table setting was a bit more relaxed perhaps even whimsical, this setting is more formal, hence why I think it suits a dinner party.  As I was putting the pieces together for this tablescape, it dawned on me that with all the crystal and white china, it looks like a wedding table……but then I thought isn’t New Year’s about joining the old and the new, so in a way it seemed appropriate.  But then I could simply be making stuff up to soothe my ego.

If you read the posting on the blog Living Livelier, you know that I tend to create back stories for each of the projects I do, even tablescapes.  I find creating these fictional characters and their fictional lives, help me better understand what the final product should look like. With this table setting, I imagined the party giver was my younger (imaginary) sister.  This sister is a little more traditional and reserved,  and while she appreciates my panache, she and her husband prefer something more traditional and classic in their home.  They enjoy scouring estate sales for silverware & crystal, adore mono-chromatic color schemes and appreciate timeless style.  She loves Max Mara, carries an understated Louis Vuitton bag (no monogram print for her) and reads Traditional Home on the weekend.  Her husband loves Ralph Lauren, owns a vintage Rolex and is saving up to buy a classic Porsche Boxster.

(Yeah, I sorta go overboard on this stuff….and to my real sister, I love you very much even if you aren’t this idealized version!!)

With all this in mind, I limited myself to shopping my existing pantry closet as well as the big discount stores (Dollar Tree, Marshalls & Ross Dress for Less) for anything extra.  In addition, I placed one extra restraint on myself in that I  could not go buy new flowers – I had to recycle the flowers I purchased for the original table setting.  Thinking a little outside the box when it came to my center piece, I think I was able to create a look that is classic and elegant….something that could be used for a dinner party, bridal shower or a formal lunch.


Tablecloth: Custom made from fabric found on Fabric.com
Napkins: Crate & Barrel Outlet
Napkin Rings: Pottery Barn (part of their catering set they now sell)
Charger Plates: Ikea
Plates: Dollar Store
Crystal Goblets: Waterford Crystal (given to us by The Partner’s parents)
Wine Glasses: Ross Dress for Less
Centerpiece: It is a coffee filter wreath I made for $3 and tucked flowers into
Flower Vases: Crystal shot glasses – Ross Dress for Less
Crystal Candy Pots: Marshalls
Party Favor Bowls: Both sets of crystal bowls are from Ross Dress for Less ($2.99 each)
Party Poppers: Mix of homemade using paper towel rolls store-bought (Dollar Store)
Crystal Candlesticks: Pieces I have picked up from antique marts and discount stores – none over $10
Flatware: Mix of mother of pearl from eBay and everyday flatware from Costco
Champagne Bucket: CB2
Flowers: Recycled them from the other table…just cut them lower to fit the shot glasses & any leftovers got tucked into the wreath.

Hope this gave you inspiration to set your own fantastic holiday table!