Gaga for Chevron

I am researching wall treatments for the bedrooms in the house.  After the success with the trellis stencil paint treatment for the living room, I am looking for something interesting and fun for my next project.  For the last few nights I have been browsing rugs online and have been keen on the zig zag from West Elm.


It’s cute, funky and well within my budget.  It is also that perfect combination of traditional meets modern that I am all about these days.   However, I got to thinking (always a BAD idea) that designers say that a room has 6 surfaces counting the ceiling and floor.  And then I thought, what about ditching the chevron rug and moving it to the wall.  A subtle tone-on-tone paint treatment in white and pearl white would be stunning in a bedroom as a backdrop to a bed or accent wall.  So I scoured the net and came across this:

Interesting how they flipped the chevron on its side

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I know it is another stencil project, but I admit I have a bit of a sickness.  I love paint stencils since you can get the look for wallpaper at a fraction of the cost and none of the commitment if you are willing to put in the time and sweat equity.

But I continued my search and came across this:

This wall completes me. It makes me happy and whole.

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Sweet Baby Chevron. LOVES IT!

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These two photos are exactly what I was envisioning.   I love the pattern and how it looks in the different rooms.  The first picture is from Sabbespot and Stephanie has a full tutorial on how she did the project using CONTACT PAPER!  Yes!  Contact Paper.  I am floored that she did that with ONE roll of contact paper.   Maria who writes Layers of Meaning outlines how she did her amazing painted chevron project on her blog.  

I think I may have just found this week’s project to fill the time while the partner is in NYC.