Play Date: Centsational Girl and Crane & Canopy…

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!  The Partner and I opted for a quiet night in after being honest with ourselves.  We asked what would recharge each us most  and we decided that Greek take out, wine and some snuggling was more on target than a fancy dinner, so that is exactly what we did and it was awesome!

As we enter the weekend, I am excited to hit the auctions looking for little jewels for my clients and few hidden treasures for myself.  But before I do that, I wanted to share that this week I had the opportunity to “play” along some of my favorite people and company……

Kate, aka Centsational Girl, invited me over this week to discuss recliners in design…..


While they are my favorite pieces of furniture, I do think with a little thought, you can incorporate them into any design and avoid the scenario above ala Joey and Chandler…. WHOA!

The team behind bed linen company, Crane and Canopy, invited me over to play around with one of their newest bedding lines, the Linden ….

Crane and Canopy Linden

I had a ton of fun creating a room around the Linden!  Check out the Crane and Canopy blog to see what pieces I chose to complete the look…..

Okay beautiful ladies and gents……have a GREAT weekend and for those of you lucky enough, have an even better LONG weekend!

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Embracing the Dark Side…..

I know – late post.

But for some reason, my body clock is completely off kilter — I was up until 4am last night with my mind racing.  It could have been due to all the great things on the horizon.  Or it could have been that Super Big Gulp coffee I had late in the afternoon – but regardless, I am on a serious 3 hour delay today!

So as I try to play catch-up, thought I would share with you my most recent post for Centsational Girl regarding using dark colors in your home.  This time around, I pulled in dear friend and color expert Jean Molesworth Kee of the Painted Room to explain some basics on how to embrace your dark side.

However, for the moment, the only dark thing I am embracing is a large cup of dark roast…poppa needs his caffeine!  As I drain a vente – remember to come back tomorrow for my first “fashion” related photo shoot — yup, we branching out here on the blog!

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Mixing It Up Over At Centsational Girl….

So what happens when you mix……

You get a recipe for fantastic design! Whenever I am out with friends the question of mixing patterns and materials always pops up.  Well check out my post over at Centsational Girl today as I give rules for successfully mixing it up and achieving a rich and layered look.  Because America, I am trying to make sure y’all avoid doing this…..

If I can keep one room from looking like this, then my job is done.  Saving one room at a time…..

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