Men’s Style: Off To The Office….

I rarely wear dress clothes to work these days.  Let’s be honest, I spend the majority of my time in dank antique and resale shops, dusty job sites or schlepping samples between clients and vendors.  I, like many designers, do not life a glamorous life.  In fact, I would say 75% the the time I have spent as a designer is  pretty mundane – the antithesis of “sexy”.  There are no million dollar deals, just me with my laptop, my RAV 4 and ALOT of fabric swatches and tile samples.

However, just because I play the role of glorified delivery man at times, does it mean I should dress like one.  You never know exactly who will stumble across your path while running errands  or who may be calling asking for an impromptu meeting, so I have appropriated a work style I refer to as “on-the-go chic”.

With this in mind, I used my Army-style jacket as the centerpiece of this work outfit…….


I have never met a skinny tie I didn’t love and I especially loved pairing a tie with what could be a very casual ensemble to elevate it to work-chic appropriate.  This tie from Zara has a subtle checkered pattern that compliments the graphic plaid of the Billy Reid shirt (similar).


Dark-rinsed straight-leg jeans are a staple in my work attire; the dark rinse I find to be more dressy and the slim lines of the straight leg are the perfect foil to the numerous blazers and cardigans I wear on top.  For this outfit, I pulled out my favorite pair of APC jeans and paired it with a pair of camel brogues (similar).  Truth be told, I am in love with these shoes; they are my dressy equivalent of sneaker – all the class of a dress shoe mixed with the supreme comfort of a sneaker.


The Army-style GAP jacket (similar) is the perfect alternative to a blazer or cardigan.  Thick enough to keep me warm on chilly mornings but thin enough to toss in my day bag (aka the “murse”) as the day heats up.  And who cares of it gets dirty as I carry boxes or rub against drywall?  A quick run in the washer and it is as good as new!  This is an outfit I can confidently go from morning to night in and not think twice if it is appropriate.

Tomorrow I show how the jacket goes from work to an evening out on the town.

And I kept my promise of wearing pants……yah for me!

Photography by: Desi Arnaz Hyter

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