CA Home+Design Awards Design Tastemaker of 2014 …

So I am hoping that your Thanksgiving holiday found you well fed and well-loved.  And if you did venture out yesterday for Black Friday that you scored some amazing deals and not too worse for the wear.  Did I also mention you look pretty today ……

The reason for all the sweet talking?  Well once again I am asking for your help to win something.  The editors over at CA Home + Design Magazine have this strange notion that I know a thing or two about style and design, so they nominated me for their 2014 Design Tastemaker Award! I also with 29 other amazing, talented and design-savvy individuals throughout California are up for this prestigious award.  Yes, I am competing against 29 other people for one award, so this is where I need your support.  From now through 5pm Monday (12/2) I would love, appreciate and desperately want you to vote for me (#28) on the list …..

CA Logo

CA Home Style Tastemaker

Voting literally takes 30 seconds — click on #28, input your email and you are done.

Here is the important part – you can vote once a day through 5pm PST on Monday, so that is 3 votes from each of you.  Each of you made it possible for me to win the trip to London and this could be a culmination to a simply amazing year.  The winner receives not only the accolade of 2014 Design Tastemaker but also a feature in the print issue of CA Home + Design!  A print feature about the business in a major publication is something I have dreamed about and I can’t fathom what this kind of PR would do for exposing a broader audience to my work.

And it’s all in my grasp but I can’t do it without each of you.  Let me stress that each and every vote is important.  For those of you who don’t remember from the Modenus contest, I won by less than 20 votes so don’t think that your vote won’t matter because it does!

On a final note, I again want to say thank you.  Thank you for your support, encouragement and motivation.  This blog has brought me so many opportunities that I never thought I would have or experience.  I take none of it for granted.  Even if I don’t win (but I really do!) I have hit the jackpot with friends, work, new colleagues and fantastic readers.

So unless you want to see a pic of me on my knees pleading (which I am not above doing), please go vote!  THANK YOU!

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Shape of Design……

Last week I was over at California Home + Design’s blog talking about what I thought was one of the hottest trends in design today – California state!  California may have shaped the lives of many young and aspiring designers but the shape of the state itself is inspiring some really cool and interesting design products.  Head over and take a look at three products that I think are the shape of things of come…..

California Collage

As for myself, I am elbow deep in all things British and loving every bloody minute of it!  Hopefully you won’t think less of me when I come back sounding like a cross between Madonna and an extra in Les Mis!  Have a great weekend!

[photo credit: blue collar built, scott coppersmith, scot hampton]

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Designer Crush Q&A with California Home + Design …..

Typically when I mention California Home + Design, it’s because I am writing a piece for them.  However, this time it’s a bit different since the editors saw fit to profile me as part of their Designer Crush Q&A Series …….

CA Home Shot.jpg

I am completely humbled, honored and horrified to be profiled.  Three years ago, I never thought I would be in the position I am in and it still blows my mind to see my path.  I know I am lucky but also that I put in sleepless nights, more than a few crying fits and have kept my local Bev Mo in the black.  This profile touches me because it’s the first time a publication has shined the spotlight on me as a designer.  In the same vein it’s scary because it the first time a publication has shined the spotlight on my work.  But it’s such sweet validation and I will admit, I hesitated to share this on the blog because I wasn’t sure if it was too much “me” on the blog as of late.  Then I remember that the blog has my name, so I felt okay then.  But seriously, I worried it was too much but then I realized I had to share because you all have been with me when I am in my lows and I want you with me in my highs……

All I have to say is THANK YOU to the California Home + Design editors thinking highly enough of me and my work to include me as part of this series.  If you are so interested, check out the fill profile on me here……

Today I am off to cram as much work into 12 hours as a boy can before I have to turn my attention on packing because I leave for London next week!  Eek!  Have a great weekend and should you need a laugh, check out my Instagram feed for how my hair has morphed over the last three days…..

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