In Bed With H.D. Buttercup……

Last week I had a threesome.

Erin from Apartment 34, myself and the newest retail outlet from H.D. Buttercup had a torrid afternoon between the sheets.  Well not exactly but all the facts are true…..

Fact #1:  H.D. Buttercup’s linen and bedding store, In Bed with H.D. Buttercup did invite Erin and myself over for some fun….

Fact #2:  I did play with bedding and at one point in time, found myself in bed with Erin.

Before you think I switched teams or Erin is leaving her husband, the folks at In Bed asked Erin and myself to stage their storefront windows, so it was entirely legit.  The In Bed retail team opened up their entire store to Erin and myself to choose whatever we wanted from their amazing selection of American, Italian and French bedding to dress the windows and their magnificent beds.  With florals provided by their in-house florist shop, Louesa, it as an amazing afternoon full of silk, Belgian linen and crisp sateen cotton; seriously this is the kinda of stuff that makes this designer’s heart go pitter-patter.

Honestly, the before isn’t too bad.  As I said, Erin and I each got a window and were given free rein in the store.  After looking around the store for inspiration, I ended up right back where I started and found it in the wonderful florals from Louesa….


I was drawn to the cherry blossoms designed my entire window around their wonderful pinky-purple hue….

Lead Shot_InBEDHDB

I find purple to be my “new black” .  It is a wonderful neutral that looks so amazing with some many colors, in this case, shades of pale blue.  The bed is a wonderful collection of  printed linen, batik and tie-dyed silk….yes tie-dyed.  Bringing back the 60s in a new way folks!



Back Shot

Basket Shot


As I said, I have to give props to the amazing floral shop attached to In Bed, Louesa, run by the amazing renaissance woman Louesa Roebuck.  The shop is a tiny amalgamation  of foraged florals, art, pottery, keepsakes and delicious potions and lotions.  It is a bit of nirvana and the perfect embodiment of its owner…..

Louesa_Opening Shot

Dressed in skinny leather pants and a band leader’s jacket, Louesa is effortless chic and that is what you feel in the shop.  She walked Erin and myself around the shop rattling off tales of how things came into her possession from the concrete vessels that house her foraged floral creations to the amazingly simple yet beautiful brass and silk bracelets that Erin and myself quickly coveted…..







So while I may have lured you in tawdry solicitation, I think it was well worth it to introduce you to this wonderful San Francisco gem.   If you want to go see Erin and my windows, head over to In Bed as our creations will be up another month.  So does anyone else have the urge to go make their bed?

And be sure to swing by Apartment 34 to see Erin’s bed!

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Play Date: Centsational Girl and Crane & Canopy…

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!  The Partner and I opted for a quiet night in after being honest with ourselves.  We asked what would recharge each us most  and we decided that Greek take out, wine and some snuggling was more on target than a fancy dinner, so that is exactly what we did and it was awesome!

As we enter the weekend, I am excited to hit the auctions looking for little jewels for my clients and few hidden treasures for myself.  But before I do that, I wanted to share that this week I had the opportunity to “play” along some of my favorite people and company……

Kate, aka Centsational Girl, invited me over this week to discuss recliners in design…..


While they are my favorite pieces of furniture, I do think with a little thought, you can incorporate them into any design and avoid the scenario above ala Joey and Chandler…. WHOA!

The team behind bed linen company, Crane and Canopy, invited me over to play around with one of their newest bedding lines, the Linden ….

Crane and Canopy Linden

I had a ton of fun creating a room around the Linden!  Check out the Crane and Canopy blog to see what pieces I chose to complete the look…..

Okay beautiful ladies and gents……have a GREAT weekend and for those of you lucky enough, have an even better LONG weekend!

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Crane and Canopy….

Necessity is the mother of invention… when the founders of the linen store Crane and Canopy couldn’t find bed linens that fit their design aesthetics at a price point that didn’t break the bank, they opted to create their own.  While many of us don’t necessarily start a business to our design needs, being the entrepreneurs they are, they saw a business opportunity to create beautiful and budget-friendly linens….and frankly I am happy they did!

A client introduced me to the line and I can say first hand that it feels and looks fantastic.  Made from 300+ thread count, full/queen duvets are $99 and the prices top out at $120 for California King bedding.  For a price comparison, most of the bedding at Target is more expensive with lesser thread counts.  I am currently obsessing over their Dolores Collection, beautifully embroidered and perfectly chic (drool)…..

I am excited to have found them and looking forward to seeing how I can use them in future projects!  So tell me, do you switch out your bedding according to the seasons?  While you contemplate that, I am going to continue to slog away on a floor plan for a client.  Thankfully, no meetings today so I can slay this beast and move on to more fun stuff…..

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Between the Sheets with Serena & Lily

Dear Serena & Lily:

I know it’s been just a short while since we have been introduced but  I hope it wouldn’t be too bold of me to say that I can’t get either of you out of my head.  When I first laid eyes on you, you seemed aloof and unattainable, but I have always liked a challenge.  However, after spending time with you online, I find you both mush more friendly…funny how the internet can change one’s perspective huh?

I love everything you two offer and want nothing more than to bundle it all up and take it home.  But I alas I know it would be foolish but I am a man who has always believed in asking for what he wants… I am going to throw caution to the wind and just  say it.  I want to get between your sheets Serena and Lily……



I think we could find a true love connection on your Mocha Trellis Sheets.  Or perhaps dance the light fantastic on your Gobi Sheets in Bark.  Yet maybe, we can connect on all points on your Diamond Sheets in Air and Chocolate. 

Ladies, I am offering….it’s up to you to give me a sign that you are willing to take this leap of faith.  I will be waiting with a goose down comforter and a feather bed for your replies.

Til then…..


PS:  Serena and Lily are having a great sale on their summer inventory.  To sweeten the deal, you can get an extra 20% off if you use the code JUSTFORYOU.  However, just don’t mack on the Trellis sheets — I am a jealous lover……

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Bedding Evolution

An astute reader pointed out I have changed my master bedroom bedding three times in less than a year.  They are absolutely correct and  here is the pictorial proof:

August 2010

Euro Shams for the Master Bedroom

December 2010


March 2011

I don’t deny my “bedding infidelity” and will explain why.  I think bedding can make or break a bedroom.  The wrong bedding can completely throw off a room’s design and send it in the wrong direction.  The first two looks were attempts to introduce color into the space.  In both cases, I was not 100% pleased with the results.  The navy blue didn’t work with the headboard and absorbed alot of light making the bedroom appear dark, not “moody” as I had hoped.  The aqua and brown bedding was okay but was dull in my opinion.  The colors were fun but not did not have  the right saturations to give the room “oomph” and life.  This final bedding from Ikea, while not colorful, I think provides an adundance of light and color to the room even through it is neutral.  I like the varying tonal stripes and think it goes really well with the new fabrics I will be using to finish off the room.

So yes, I am a bedding trollop and will probably commit “adultry” against my current set of linens in a few months.  Or maybe I won’t.  Who knows where my wandering eye will lead me but until some sassy duvet with a thread count made for action and a price point for sin comes along, I think I am content. 

Do you have a “wandering eye” for a particular design accessory in your house?  Do bed linens send you into a tizzy like they for me? Or does a plush bath towel make you quiver?  Perhaps it’s dishes and glassware?  Share what accessories make you commit “design adultery” by leaving a comment or sending me a tweet.  I promise not to judge…….well I won’t judge much!

Have a good one!

I Actually Like Ikea Bedding…..

No really.

I REALLY do like Ikea’s new 300-thread count bedding.  I am not sure if it is available in all their stores since I can’t find it on their website but their G-Spa sheets are sateen cotton, 300-thread count and an absolute wonder to sleep on.  The flat and fitted sheets will cost you $14 each, but for under $30, they are a steal in my opinion.  There is something completely delicious about slipping between 100% cotton sheets; their coolness and softness are the perfect embrace after a long day.  Honestly, I have had a variety of sheets on my bed, all of which that claim to be luxury and have the price tags to prove it, but these are the real deal and am happy to place my “seal of approval” on them.

They come in a limited range of colors but  I found the pewter brown set to be perfect for my needs.  They have a subtle sheen and go great with my brown headboard picking up the metallic undertones in the upholstery:

Since I was at Ikea already, I also decided to splurge and get a new duvet cover and again, I am really  happy with its quality.  You have to understand that the last time I bought Ikea bedding was when I had just graduated college and it was like sleeping on sandpaper.   So you have to understand my shock that I am really digging the bed linens at the moment.  I opted to go for the Andrea duvet which comes with two matching pillow shams – both in a brushed sateen finish. 

If you remember my posting from yesterday, I told you that the new fabrics I selected for the master bedroom pick up on the bedding.  The duvet has gold, black, grey and white stripes, which coordinates wonderfully with all the colors in the master bedroom and really pulls everything together:

Did I mention that the Andrea duvet set for a queen is only $29.99? Score one for style and frugality!

Okay – one final view of the new bedding…..

A few more things and I will be ready to kick the master bedroom redesign into full gear! 

Do you have a favorite Ikea “surprise” or other hidden gem from a big-box store?  Share them on my Facebook page or leave a comment!