Seeing It Again For First Time…..

I woke up this morning and this is what greeted me when I walked into our master bathroom…….

I never noticed how the potted orchid echoed the shape of the flower in the photograph.  It struck me as a beautiful composition, so I took a picture of it.  To me this is the essence of what I am striving for as a designer – when the elements of a room “talk” to each other without necessarily “yelling” to get your attention. 

I love being in my home and “rediscovering” aspects of it.  It’s like seeing my house again for the first time.  Now if I could only apply this same philosophy to all aspects of my life! 

So tell me, what old thing in your life have you discovered “again” and see with new eyes?

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Update: Guest Bath Chevron Wall

Last year (all 15 days ago) I started doing some cosmetic changes to our main floor/guest bathroom.  I have never been a fan of it – in fact I would venture to say it is my least favorite room in the house.  It’s basically a big square box with green tile.  But then I am sure you are wonder “What bathroom isn’t a big boring box?”  Well my friends, there are plenty of beautiful bathrooms out there…heck if you had the opportunity to check out the link party over at Centsational Girl’s blog she highlighted over 100 kick-ass bathrooms from across the nation.  This got my motivation going to finish out the bathroom update, but then that little thing called life (and subsequently work…did I tell you I have a part-time gig this month in marketing.  More on that later….) got in the way and this is where I stopped this week:

Not bad, but it can be better.....

There is a list of things that need to happen before I can do a full reveal:

1) Paint touch-ups

2) Trimming out the bathroom mirror

3) Finalization on whether to keep the shower curtain or go with something else

4) Confirmation of artwork above toilet – yeah or nay?

5) Vignette for the sink bureau (yeah, I am annoying like that)

On the flip side, I am quite pleased with my towel selection — found them at Ross Dress for Less.

So let’s recap, out of the 7 things that needed to happen to make the bathroom presentable, I have accomplished two in the last two months, one thing a month.  At this rate, I will be old enough to need a bedpan before I finish the bathroom.  And somehow buying towels doesn’t seem that monumental of an accomplishment compared to all you awesome peeps in cyber DIY land.  Not that I am comparing myself to y’all or anything…….but deep down I am judging myself (but only a tiny bit).

Half Bath Tour…..

Honestly, this isn’t that exciting, but for those of you who asked, here are a few shots of my half bath on the first floor.

The half bath is an extremely small room as it occupies the dead space under the stairs that lead to the second floor.  From a design perspective, it is a perfect use of space that would otherwise have been a closet.  With a small sink and a toilet, is the perfect spot of guests to freshen up upon arrival.  The mirror pictured above is from Ikea and reflects a wall decal from Chiasso.  You can read more about the wall decal in this posting.

Above the toilet is a quick weekend DIY project I did using left over paints and wall spackle.

Here is a better shot of the decal and the wall it occupies.  I love the decal’s scale and how it acts as a large central focus in what is a pretty narrow room.

So that is the half bath…..not blow your socks off exciting I know, but some of y’all asked and I am a man of my word.  What is more exciting is that I have grouped all my room reveals together and have created a new page called Home Tour.  It’s a work in progress but it highlights the different rooms I have completed and photographed to date.  Check it out…….