Weekend DIY: Wall Mirrors Galore…

I got a two-fer for you this weekend all about mirrors.  Being a vain person, I enjoy walking by mirrors and seeing my reflection.  Wait a second, I just caught my reflection in my TV screen……..

Okay, I’m back now.  Mirrors are coming in a variety of shapes but none as hot as the sunburst/starburst.  The classy lass, AprilDense over at Unique Illusions has a cute tutorial on a starburst mirror she made for her Mother as a Christmas present……

Stop by her blog and see how she transformed this Ikea mirror into the perfect holiday present for the design conscious Mom:

For those of you who are savvy at counting, you are probably thinking to yourself….”He said two-fer and I am only seeing a one-fer.”  Well congrats on being able to count and creating a whole new word never seen before (i.e. one-fer).  Because you are so attentive, I will post the other awesome mirror project that AprilDenise did.  She created another gift-worthy mirror but using mosaics….

The tutorial is QUICK and SIMPLE – if I can contemplate this, then you can too!

Now go forth and build my fellow bloggers!  I will be right behind you…there is this really hot guy staring at me.  I need to find out more about him….OH WAIT, it’s me in the mirror.  Okay, never mind……

Do you want your project profiled in Weekend DIY?  Shoot me a link to your project at lifeoutloudmail@gmail.com.  Just remember that your project should only take a weekend (or less) to start and complete for less than $100.

Thanksgiving Table Settings

As promised, here is the table setting we will be using on Thursday for Thanksgiving.

Completed Thanksgiving 2010 Table

The inspiration for the entire table came from the fantastic orange chevron fabric I found on Fabric.com for a steal at $5.98 a yard!  I had my wonderful seamstress Ana Zucconi sew a 60 inch circular pattern with a 30 inch drop, creating a tablecloth that would drape to the floor.  She then finished off the seams with a satin ribbon in metallic orange to boost the glam quotient.  The final product is a beautiful backdrop that could easily be used for holidays or informal gatherings.  Now that we had our  base, I went to work on putting together a tablescape that was within my limited budget yet still beautiful.

I decided to go with my every day white square plates from CB2. I loved how the linear lines of the chevron played off the right angles of the plates and bowls.  However, simply to amuse myself, I decided to do a second type of place setting with a round bowl and a different napkin placement. I  really liked how it turned out – the different bowls and napkin placements brought a level of subtle interest to each place setting without being in your face.


Place setting with square bowl

Place setting with round bowl


I embraced my inner “frugal” and did a quick run to Pier One Imports to look for additional things for the table. I haven’t been in the store for years but I had bad memories of papasan chairs and cloying scented candles from decorating my first apartment. Well there is still an abundance of scented candles and if you search the term “papasan chair” Pier One is first search result, but aside from that, they have rehabilitated their designs and I am quite surprised with some of the things I found. I ended up buying napkins, napkin rings, wine goblets, water glasses and rattan balls from them for well under $75 – score from Pier One!

I ended up buying their Amber Luster glassware, which at less than $3.50 a glass was a wise investment as they look great on the table, providing color and height. I am also quite pleased with the napkin rings I purchased there.  Normally, I stick with my tried and true silver rings – simple and elegant, but I figured what the heck and picked them up for less than $3 each.  At first I feared that they would be too gaudy on the table, but find they add another layer of glimmer to the table and texture.


Napkin Rings

The only part of the place setting I don’t love is the flatware.  I really need to invest in some real silver or mother of pearl handled pieces, cause my stainless steel set – while sturdy – isn’t much for a show stopper.  Ok, maybe next year, but what I am loving right now is my mercury glass votive candle holders from Michael’s for about $1.75 after coupon.  I bought two different kinds for the table and am thinking of going back and getting more – they simply rock!


Voltive Candle Holders

The center piece are tulips and some filler flowers I picked up from the Oakland Flower Market and placed in a $4.99 vase from CB2. The crystal candle sticks are from my personal collection – I can’t stop buying them!  And the large white pheasant and gourds are from Z Gallerie’s holiday sale – for all three it was $20.



I finished off the table with some silver and crystal pieces including my beloved gravy boat and lead crystal snack bowls.  For my first true tablescape that I thought out from start to finish, I am really happy with everything. Of course, there are things I would love to tweak or buy to fill it in, but I stuck to the budget and am quite happy with the overall look!

Got pictures to share of your holiday table?  If so, send them to LifeOutLoudMail@Gmail.com.  I would love to feature some of my readers creativity!  Speaking of pictures, Kim over at NewlyWoodwards has dared her readers to entertain!  Head over to her site to see some other tablescape designs!