Men’s Style: New Year’s Eve…

In my younger days, I was never a huge party animal.  I preferred a dinner party to a keg party.  And that hasn’t changed much as I have gotten older but……..

Every once in a while, I feel like dressing up and cutting loose.    Drink one too many.  Dance a little too wild.  Sing at the top of the lungs.  In these situations, a suit and tie won’t cut it.  You need something a bit more bold and daring especially if you are going to welcome the new year in it!  Sometimes a boy just needs to let his hair down and do a heavy dose of ……

Rocking Out Lead

I like to think of this look of what would happen if a young Ebenezer Scrooge opted to go wild for just one night and let out his inner rock star.  This outfit is where Charles Dickens and Iggy Pop collide — definitely a story for the books……





[outfit: pants: burberry // moto vest: macys inc // shirt: karl largerfeld // hat: zara// bow tie: h&m// boots: dsquared]

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[photo credit:  aubrie pick//styling: courtney lake]

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Men’s Style: Christmas Morning …

Remember yesterday when I said I was slipping into my comfy PJs and hibernating at home to find my Christmas spirit?  Well I was only partially joking.  You see, I am a tank top and shorts kinda guy when it comes to PJs.  On top of that I have the worst case of bed head on the planet.  So you can imagine what I look like on Christmas morning.  Needless to say I don’t want to be sitting with my parents unwrapping presents as my junk flops around and my hair looks like a topiary.

Something has to give, so I am upping my game for Christmas morning this year.  Ditching the terry robe and gym shorts for something that is still uber comfortable but a touch more stylish and won’t leave me scrambling to get my hair under control.  So this Christmas morn, I plan to ….

Courtney-HolidayFashion-Opener Edited

Courtney-HolidayFashion-Relax Edited Courtney-HolidayFashion-Relax 2 Edited

[sweater: all saints //sweat shirt: rxmance // cashmere sweat pants: ralph lauren//                 beanie: ted baker// boots: ugg]

This is my official Christmas uniform.  Bring on the presents!  Bring on the unexpected visitors!  But most importantly, bring on the fun & relaxing times with friends and family!

[photo credit:  aubrie pick//styling: courtney lake]

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Men’s Style: The Tux …

Contrary to popular belief, my dance card is not that full.  Sure I get my fair share of invites but I am by any standard a social butterfly.  So it strikes me as odd that I have three different tuxedos in my closet.  I will let that sink in for a moment…


Who in their right mind owns three tuxedos?  The answer is no one.  Fortunately, I am not of normal mind, so three works for me.  Truth be told, I don’t get to wear any of them that often, so I was tickled to have the opportunity to bust out my favorites as part of a joint feature I did with RUE Daily.  I am discussing the Dos and Do Nots of wearing a tux.  It’s a great piece on what to look for in buying a tux and how to kit it out once you find the perfect one for you.  However, to be upfront, I put down rule down which I steadfastly break on a regular basis.  Tradition dictates that men wear a cummerbund and suspenders with their formal wear.  I find both items to be exceedingly uncomfortable and pretty much ignore that rule.  Call me a sham or a purveyor of bad taste if you will but honestly, I don’t care because I am …….


Courtney-HolidayFashion-33 Courtney-HolidayFashion-46

Courtney-HolidayFashion-51 Courtney-HolidayFashion-48


[tuxedo: calvin klein signature // shirt: jil sanders // bow tie: brooks brothers // shoes: alexander mcqueen]

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[photo credit:  aubrie pick//styling: courtney lake]

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Men’s Style: Ode To Canada …

Growing up in the Midwest, I am accustomed to cold weather and snow for the holidays.   It wasn’t Christmas unless I had shoveled the driveway in below freezing weather all the while silently cursing my parents for being too cheap to buy a snow blower.  Bone-chilling cold, corrosive salt stains on my shoes and second-guessing if I had frostbite were the hallmarks of a Lake Family Christmas.  Needless to say when it came time to leave the nest, this birdie flew South ….well West to California.

However, while my feet are firmly planted in California, my head (and my heart) tend to find they drifting over the border to our snowy northern neighbors.  Over the last few years, I have found myself becoming more infatuated with Canada.  Maybe, because many of my design mentors are Canadian and thanks to this great thing called social media have cobbled together a merry band of amazing design oriented friends who support and inspire this little ole’ American.

Looking through my Canadian friends Instagram shots made me a touch nostalgic.  My Canadian friends embrace the cold weather, rather than run from it.  They pull out fashion-forward coats, cute hats and functional but stylish boots. They mix pattern and materials with abandon for a look that is undeniable chic.  For this next installment of Men’s Style: Holiday Edition, I channeled two of the most fashionable Canadians I know, Erica and Jonathan to create a look that I am calling …


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Men’s Style: Out & About In Winter White …

I think one of the reasons I have had such a hard time getting into the holiday spirit is because I have not been dressing the part.  It’s hard to be full of Christmas cheer when you are sweating in short sleeves and flip flops. The mild climate is one of the many wonderful things about living in Northern California but the East Coaster in me prefers my Christmas season to be cold, snowy and blanketed in white.  Evidently Mother Nature heard my silent pleas and sent a cold snap across the country.  While this cold front caused a major case of the “bah humbugs” among most people, for me it was a welcome icy kick in the bum to knock me off my grumpy perch.

Inspired, I quickly pulled together a new set of looks for my annual Men’s Style series that celebrated the emergence of wintery holiday season but with my unique (and at times warped) take on dressing.  Kicking things off, I am doing the unthinkable – championing Winter White.  For some reason this hue (or lack thereof) seems to scare almost everyone but one I find incredibly chic.  Winter white is the perfect base upon which to layer a fun coat and pile on the accessories.  Paired with a pair winter boots and you may have the perfect out to run errands or deliver your perfectly wrapped gifts to family and friends who are too afraid to venture into the frigid holiday wonderland…….






[trenchcoat: black fleece for brooks brothers//turtleneck: ralph lauren purple//pants: kenneth cole//boots: coach]

Jonesing for your own winter white outfit?  See below for a modified twist on what I consider to be a holiday [outfit] classic…….

Steal The Look_WinterWhite2[1//2//3//4]

Check back next week for a special edition of Men’s Style: Holiday Edition talking to the point of what to do when the invitation states “black tie”…..

[photo credit:  aubrie pick//styling: courtney lake]

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Loving Out Loud: Kari Gran Skin Care ….

Contrary to popular belief, I am a pretty simple person when it comes to my daily “beauty” routine.  Face wash, astringent (occasionally), facial moisturizer & lip balm – 5 minutes tops and I am done.  Not sure if its impatience or a “guy thing” but anything more complicated and I am probably not going to do it.  However, I have noticed that after a certain age (cough….) that your skin needs a little help to look its best.

Enter Kari Gran ……

Kari Gran CollageThe Kari Gran brand was founded by Kari Gran (left) and her longtime friend Lisa Strain (right). Lisa and Kari, both successful real estate brokers, met “in the business”, and became close friends. It was Lisa who originally inspired Kari to move beyond her kitchen where she made her first batches of eco-skin care products for friends. Today the two partners work in a loft in Downtown Seattle making products and running the Kari Gran e-commerce business.

I had the opportunity to hear Kari talk during my trip to Seattle and was struck by how honest she was about starting her business, but also by her skin.  Seriously, the lady is a walking testament to her products!  At the end of her talk, Kari provided the audience with samples of her skin care line which I politely took but secretly plotted to gift to a friend upon my return to San Francisco.  But as luck would have it, the evening I returned home, I ran out of my normal face wash.  On a whim, I decided to use Kari’s line and after one use understood why Kari’s skin looked so luminous  …….

Kari Gran

The line is based on a three-step process of cleansing with oil, misting with a hydrating tonic and applying a moisturizing serum.  I will skeptical on multiple levels; first, I have oily skin and putting oil on my already acne prone skin seemed a recipe for disaster .  Second, reading the instructions for the process made it seem rather involved, mind you not complicated, but more time-consuming that my standard 5 minute regimen.  Last, it just made me feel a bit too “girly” for my comfort and this is coming from a guy who has toggled between Steel Magnolias and a Golden Girls marathon on TV on more than one occasion …….

But I figured, the worst I could get was a pimple, so I tried it out that night and subsequently for the rest of the week.  While I didn’t get pimples, what I got was a glowing complexion!  After a week of use, I saw the forehead furrow lines minimize and my general complexion improve.  I got compliments on my skin and I actually started to look forward to my nightly routine.  As for the time commitment, I found myself still spending about 5 minutes but once a day in the evening rather than twice a day.  It actually reduced the amount of time I spent on my skin while making me feel better — so I consider that a “twofer” in my book — less time + better complexion = win!  An added bonus was that since I shave, I found this routine to reduce ingrown hairs and overall shaving irritation, so while I may have still felt a ting girly, it was now mixed with the manly affirmation that the routine was good for shaving, so I was able to save face (pun intended)…..

So while I wouldn’t say I am now a slave to beauty, I will definitely call myself an acolyte of Kari Gran.  Now if someone could make flossing more interesting and a little less gross, I would be all set…..

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen kiddos!!

[pictures courtesy Kari Gran, Belathée Photography & moi]

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disclaimer:  i was gifted a sample of the kari gran skin care treatment but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

Loving Out Loud: Pickwick Weller …

There is something to be said for the laid back approach that most Californian men take to style.  Jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt are the basis for many of my male friend’s wardrobe, present company included.  However, as I have gotten older, the appeal of a 3-pack of Hanes white tees is lost on me.  My t-shirts serve multiple duties from casual to work, so I need a work horse — something that I could throw on in a rush but just as easily throw a blazer on and present to a client in a pinch, so I was excited to be introduced to a new player in the tee market, Pickwick Weller. . .

Pickwick 4

The concept is simple; tees made from beautiful fabrics, cut to drape the body. Insane right?  The brand recently opened up a showroom in San Francisco and I was able to tour the space and get a better idea of the quality of the pieces…..

Pickwick 1 Pickwick 2

For men, they have divided their Fall collection in several different fits but my favorite is the cashmere Stuart tee.  It is a combination of lightweight cashmere & cotton, aside from feeling luxurious, the design team didn’t miss any details.  The Stuart features an awesome “spine” detail down the back and French seams — perfect for those individuals who tend to get irritated by the seams and tags in their clothing.

Pickwick 3

Rather than open up a traditional retail space, the brand opted to do a showroom.  Customers can come into the space, try in a variety of tees, get a feel for the fit and quality of each piece and decide which ones to order with the help of the showroom staff.  The space exudes the Pickwick Weller ethos of refined, understated and cool….

Pickwick 6

Pickwick 7

Pickwick 5

The long-sleeve Stuart is what I have my eye on and it I am positive it will become part of my staples come Fall!

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