Loving Out Loud: Lee Broom’s Crystal Bulb ….

I can’t say I am fully recouped from my whirlwind trip to the London Design Festival thanks to my hosts at Modenus and their fabulous sponsors but what I lack in sleep I am more than making up with inspiration.  My want/lust files are overflowing from all the manufacturers, vendors and artisans I was introduced to by walking the show floors as well as the one-on-one time that Modenus ensured we had with select brands.

The group was lucky enough to be led on a tour of Lee Broom’s showroom (a full post on this to follow shortly) by the designer himself ……

Lee Broom profile4

Lee Broom is one of the UK’s leading product and interior designers overseeing his own line of high-end lighting and furnishings as well as collaborations with a bevy of high-profile clients including Christian Louboutin’s new in-house boutique at Harrods.  Deeply talented and deeply humble, Broom was a gracious host to me and my fellow Blog Tour London participants.  However, it was the story behind on of his most popular items, the Crystal Bulb that made me develop a teeny, tiny designer crush on him and a big crush on the fabulous lighting element …..


Lee said that the “light bulb” moment for the product happened because he wanted to find a way to give gifts to his friends and close colleagues.  Knowing it was impractical (and highly expensive) to give away other pieces of his line, he conceptualized, prototyped and produced the Crystal Bulb in 6 weeks for its début in Milan.  What had been a little idea generated amazing buzz resulting in ELLE Decoration awarding him their design award in 2012 for the bulb and a cult like following for his wares.

Lee Broom Crystal BulbHaving seen the bulbs in person, they are truly beautiful.  The full-lead crystal bulb is hand cut with a traditional crystal pattern and fits any standard E27 lamp, wall or ceiling fitting.  In the showroom, the bulbs were hung as multi-level groups which were stunning but were also shown flush mounted as ceiling fixtures and hung solo as the perfect drop pendant.  The bulbs are available alone or with a brushed brass pendant fitting and with a gold silk flex cable.  I envision using the bulbs as pendants in a powder room or marching single file above a modern kitchen island.

I am smitten with the Crystal Bulb and may or may not have ordered two to play with in my home.  Alas, I think that this  may become a pattern with all of my wonderful findings from my trip to London.  Now I just have to find the money to pay for them!

[pictures courtesy of Lee Broom/A+R Store]

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Loving Out Loud: Pickwick Weller …

There is something to be said for the laid back approach that most Californian men take to style.  Jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt are the basis for many of my male friend’s wardrobe, present company included.  However, as I have gotten older, the appeal of a 3-pack of Hanes white tees is lost on me.  My t-shirts serve multiple duties from casual to work, so I need a work horse — something that I could throw on in a rush but just as easily throw a blazer on and present to a client in a pinch, so I was excited to be introduced to a new player in the tee market, Pickwick Weller. . .

Pickwick 4

The concept is simple; tees made from beautiful fabrics, cut to drape the body. Insane right?  The brand recently opened up a showroom in San Francisco and I was able to tour the space and get a better idea of the quality of the pieces…..

Pickwick 1 Pickwick 2

For men, they have divided their Fall collection in several different fits but my favorite is the cashmere Stuart tee.  It is a combination of lightweight cashmere & cotton, aside from feeling luxurious, the design team didn’t miss any details.  The Stuart features an awesome “spine” detail down the back and French seams — perfect for those individuals who tend to get irritated by the seams and tags in their clothing.

Pickwick 3

Rather than open up a traditional retail space, the brand opted to do a showroom.  Customers can come into the space, try in a variety of tees, get a feel for the fit and quality of each piece and decide which ones to order with the help of the showroom staff.  The space exudes the Pickwick Weller ethos of refined, understated and cool….

Pickwick 6

Pickwick 7

Pickwick 5

The long-sleeve Stuart is what I have my eye on and it I am positive it will become part of my staples come Fall!

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Loving Out Loud: Wild & Wolf’s Wool Felt Laptop Case …

I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as “perfection” when it comes to an object but only degrees of personal satisfaction.  Perfection is dependent on a relational analysis – basically you need to compare Object A to Object B in order to compare it “perfect”.  That is easy to do when you can find two objects you like and can sit side by side for comparison.

Well that wasn’t the case for my search for a laptop case.

Mind you there are tons of laptop cases on the market but none I would remotely be interested in purchasing for myself.  They were….too bulky….too geeky…..too adolescent.  And the rap sheet of offenses continued like that of a lifetime criminal.  Laptop case and bag makers are making crimes against “design humanity” and it needs to stop.

So when the web site Erie Drive contacted me about testing out some of their products, the first thing I did was search for a laptop case.  Low and behold, I ran across the Wild & Wolf Gentlemen’s Hardware Felt Laptop Case….


I stopped.  Did a double take.  And cautiously ordered the case with high expectations and a fair chance of disappointment.  However, Erie Drive strives to find high-quality, unique items across a wide swath of retail channels.  Browsing their site, I was impressed to find a variety of items that not only were in my aesthetic but also at great price points for every room in the home.  Plus, their men’s selections were great…I felt I wasn’t shopping a high-end hipster’s closet.  The products they curated were witty, fun and most importantly appeared well-made.

Which brings us back to the laptop case.  Upon its arrival, I took it out for a test spin at my local coffee shop and I will say it exceeded itself on every category ……



Made from wool felt and leather with brass clasps, the case just looks beautiful.  While not as padded as some cases on the market, I felt secure that I could carry this case and feel that my computer was protected.  Roomy enough to fit my Macbook Pro and two client folders, the case could easily substitute as a attaché case if you you needed to run to a quick meeting.

However, the part of that I loved most was the embossing on the back of the case …..


No truer words have been spoken!  So with that, go get your weekend on and enjoy!  I on the other hand will be feverishly typing away as I head out-of-town yet again on Saturday to Seattle to attend a great event I will be telling you all about very shortly!  Until then, go check out Erie Drive and see what goodies you can snag for yourself!

[photography & styling: courtney lake]

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