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I have always been jealous of those people who knew what they wanted from an early age. Those individuals who had a guts and drive to achieve their goals and dreams. I am what I think qualifies would call a "professional coward". So I played everything by a pre-determined route; a route that led me to get three academic degrees in five years from Stanford & spend the last 10 working in high-tech marketing and event planning. In the winter of 2010, I found the courage to do two things: (1) quit my job & (2) apply to culinary school. Surprisingly, I got into the CIA Greystone and even more surprising is that I decided to pack up and move to Healdsburg, CA to see if I could make a go of being a professional chef. August 23, 2010 marks the day that I begin this new journey and begin to live my life out loud.

Libation Celebration: Ambrosia…

For the final installment of Libation Celebration, we turn our focus to New Years Eve.  Once again, I turned to our resident mixologist Ronaldo of the Ivy Room for guidance.  I asked Ronaldo for a drink that was a bit lux.  I don’t know why but New Year parties just feel like they should be fancy – suits, long dresses, plated appetizers….you know the stuff of “adults”.  However, me being me, I wanted lux but not stuffy – like wearing Armani but with sneakers…mind you they are fancy sneakers but sneakers nonetheless.  With that in mind, Ronaldo thought it would be fun to play homage to the American dessert that we all knew as children, ambrosia.  In my household it was an odd concoction of whipped cream, jello and frozen fruit cocktail.  Lets just say that it was made every year and every year it always found itself at the bottom of the trash can come the end of the night.

If ambrosia was what the mythical gods of yore ate, then this would have probably been the perfect elixir to wash down their heavenly snack…..

Ambrosia Drink

Believe me when I say  that no one will be declining this Ambrosia at your party!  Forget the jello — this Ambrosia is a heady mix of bourbon, strawberries and vanilla liquor.  The addition of the whipped cream and the unexpected crunch of the sesame seeds elevate this drink to the perfect mixture of fancy and fun…..exactly what you want for a New Years Party!

Ambrosia Drink Recipe

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[photo credit: photo by adza//food styling: courtney lake//recipe: ronaldo colli ]

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Men’s Style: Christmas Morning …

Remember yesterday when I said I was slipping into my comfy PJs and hibernating at home to find my Christmas spirit?  Well I was only partially joking.  You see, I am a tank top and shorts kinda guy when it comes to PJs.  On top of that I have the worst case of bed head on the planet.  So you can imagine what I look like on Christmas morning.  Needless to say I don’t want to be sitting with my parents unwrapping presents as my junk flops around and my hair looks like a topiary.

Something has to give, so I am upping my game for Christmas morning this year.  Ditching the terry robe and gym shorts for something that is still uber comfortable but a touch more stylish and won’t leave me scrambling to get my hair under control.  So this Christmas morn, I plan to ….

Courtney-HolidayFashion-Opener Edited

Courtney-HolidayFashion-Relax Edited Courtney-HolidayFashion-Relax 2 Edited

[sweater: all saints //sweat shirt: rxmance // cashmere sweat pants: ralph lauren//                 beanie: ted baker// boots: ugg]

This is my official Christmas uniform.  Bring on the presents!  Bring on the unexpected visitors!  But most importantly, bring on the fun & relaxing times with friends and family!

[photo credit:  aubrie pick//styling: courtney lake]

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