Men’s Style: Christmas Morning …

Remember yesterday when I said I was slipping into my comfy PJs and hibernating at home to find my Christmas spirit?  Well I was only partially joking.  You see, I am a tank top and shorts kinda guy when it comes to PJs.  On top of that I have the worst case of bed head on the planet.  So you can imagine what I look like on Christmas morning.  Needless to say I don’t want to be sitting with my parents unwrapping presents as my junk flops around and my hair looks like a topiary.

Something has to give, so I am upping my game for Christmas morning this year.  Ditching the terry robe and gym shorts for something that is still uber comfortable but a touch more stylish and won’t leave me scrambling to get my hair under control.  So this Christmas morn, I plan to ….

Courtney-HolidayFashion-Opener Edited

Courtney-HolidayFashion-Relax Edited Courtney-HolidayFashion-Relax 2 Edited

[sweater: all saints //sweat shirt: rxmance // cashmere sweat pants: ralph lauren//                 beanie: ted baker// boots: ugg]

This is my official Christmas uniform.  Bring on the presents!  Bring on the unexpected visitors!  But most importantly, bring on the fun & relaxing times with friends and family!

[photo credit:  aubrie pick//styling: courtney lake]

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