Holiday Cards With …

There are some things I never procrastinate on.  Taxes are always promptly paid.  I hover by the dryer waiting for the buzzer to go off so I can fold laundry.  Yet, come the holidays, I can barely muster the energy to send Christmas cards.  I think partially because I can never quite find a card that seems like “me” and those that I do find that I love cost more than what it would be to send an actual gift to the person.  So I am typically left in a sticky situation of sending cards that I don’t like or sending nothing at all.

Thankfully, is stepping up to the plate to help me with my card paralysis.  While I have used for a variety of business card and stationary related tasks, it never occurred to me to use them for holiday cards.  Seriously, sometimes the answers are right under your nose! Their Christmas photo cards were the perfect solution for my quandary  – tons of easy to use templates and I could upload any picture I wanted.  The hardest part was deciding which template I liked best and which picture(s) to use.  Since I already had an account with the process of creating a card using their template wizard was about the same amount of time I spend waiting on microwave popcorn.  Matter of fact, the templates were so easy to use that I sorta got carried away and made three different cards……

Sugar Minted

[merry scriptmas christmas photo card template]

Spice Minted

[joyful script christmas photo card template]

Nice 2 Minted

[shimmering joy christmas photo card template]

So which one should be my official card for this year – sugar, spice or something nice?  With onscreen approval and two-day delivery, you still have time to get the cards in the mail and look like one of Santa’s rockstar elves and not the Grinch!

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[disclaimer:  this is a sponsored post from however, all thoughts and opinions are solely my own.]

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