50 Gifts Under $100 for Your Abode …

Recently I have become privy a new behavior among my clients – well specifically among their family and friends.  I am now being asked to suggest gifts they could buy for their loved ones to complete a space.  You see, more times than not, budgets never quite stretch far enough to fully flush out a design with all the bells, whistles, tidbits and little snippets of beauty I would like to see in a space.  While still quite lovely, the rooms are not as beautiful as I envisioned with their final layer of “zhushing”.

It’s a beautiful thing that friends and family are stepping up to the plate.  Rather than buying yet another bottle of wine, they are asking what vase they could buy for the shelf, which throw would work on the sofa or would this pillow work in the bedroom.  It fills my heart with cheer and selfishly fuels my design soul as I get to see my concepts come to a true and fabulous end.

So to help, I curated a great holiday guide in my Joy & Revelry shop that is 50 home decor items for under $100.  Cute, fun, sexy, chic and everything in between, this collection has something for all my clients at various price points.  Here are some of my favorite picks…

Joy & Revelry 2


Even better is that through the weekend (midnight PST December 15) I am giving you 15% off everything in the store.  Use the code REVELINMYJOY at the checkout to receive the discount.

Head over to the store to see all 50 selections and start shopping!


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