Libation Celebration: The Pink Crane …

I love a signature cocktail at parties.  It’s a great way to minimize expense and remove one more thing from the shoulders of the host.  So I asked an experienced and a budding mixologist to create a set of drinks that they think could put anyone into the holiday spirit.  Up first is my friend Hector and his “Pink Crane” …..

Pink Crane Cocktail 2

Hector works in the wine industry and has become quite the budding mixologist in his off time.  Given the instructions to create a drink that was light, refreshing and easy on the wallet, Hector spent a weekend working (aka drinking…) to come up with this delicious holiday libation.  The unexpected note of vanilla/almond is what makes this cocktail so unique – it’s the perfect up note to take the drink to a new level.  It’s also the reason why called it the Pink Crane….light, refreshing and definitely a drink that will bring your guests good luck in the coming new year!

Pink Crane Cocktail

[photo credit: photo by adza//food styling: courtney lake//recipe: hector maldonado ]

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