Of Gym Shoes & Sinks with Blanco ….

Gym shoes for many years were utilitarian.  White leather or canvas attached to a rubber sole.  Nothing that exciting but they got the job done.  Then came Nike and with Air Jordans.  Gym shoes would never be the same.  Actually gym shoes would quickly move to center court and become the de facto status symbol for many a young man.  Somehow, Nike and figured out the formula for making the ordinary quite extraordinary.

I think Blanco is the Nike of sink design.  Family-owned since 1925, Blanco’s humble beginnings included making copper galvanized parts for cookers and hot water bottles Fast forward 88 years and they have produced more than 40 million sinks and have come to be recognized as a world leader in quality and innovation.

Long gone are the times when a sink was merely used for function….

441518_MODX_SSing_AN_GL-T2_640 516095_Arcon_ss_FE_640 Blanco 1 FC_RD_SING_WH_GL_640


That was the sound of a “design slam dunk” by Blanco!

[photo credit: blanco usa]

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disclaimer:  blanco was a sponsor of blogtour london 2013 but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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