Thinking Out Loud: Brass Hangers…..

Some people ponder about the meaning of life and our existence.  I ponder about the existence of brass hangers……

Hanger Collage

Not exactly meta stuff but it is something that perplexes me.  Why are they so hard to find? When one does find them, why are they so darn expensive?  You would think that with the brass and gold craze in full frenzy at the moment, the market would be flooded with them but alas I am left empty-handed.  Well more importantly, my client is left with a closet that isn’t reaching its full potential.

Located directly across from his main entry is a small built-in coat rack.  We contemplated building it in but it proved cost prohibitive.  So we were thinking potentially installing a rack similar to this…..


Brass Rod

Like the hangers and basic concept of the rack but hate that it looks like it should come with a navy blazer with 25% polyester and a pair of sensible slacks with a triple pleat.  I would love something a little less corporate and more sleek but in brass.

Come on universe, help a brother out!  Okay, while I wait for the powers that be to help me with my design dilemma, I am going to contemplate a serious question — what to have for dinner…..

[picture credit: Carl Aubock//Glaro-Products]

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