Motivational Mondays: Be Present ….

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote_EnjoyLife

I have glitter in places that I haven’t had since 1997 when I was wearing Adidas track pants, shiny muscle tees and twirling glow sticks at some all night rave.  No, I am not trying to relive my youth (my liver thanks me) but am elbow deep in a holiday decorating project to be shot this week.  I never thought I would be trying to channel Christmas in 80 degree weather while contemplating my costume for an upcoming Halloween party.  Needless to say I have not been living in “the moment” and really trying to be present.

I know the topic of “present” gets tossed around a lot.  Be in the moment.  Live in the now. Stop worrying about the future.  It’s kinda like saying …. oh don’t think about tomorrow until  ….well tomorrow!  I am a planner at heart.  I make lists.  Worrying is like an Olympic sport for me.  I may not be able to throw a football but I swear I could worry a grown man into tears.  I have found myself torn between being a dutiful son, an attentive partner and a supportive friend.  Now add in a successful business person as well as a good boss and the idea of being present almost makes me laugh if I wasn’t trying to keep from crying.

I can’t say I mastered even 20% of this balancing act but I did have an “Oprah Moment” last week thanks to my dog.  Sometimes I am amazed and humbled by what my little sweet mutt of a companion teaches me on  a continued basis.  Early last week, my dog ran into my bedroom and jumped into the bed and proceeded to wiggle on his back in a mix that I can only explain as “complete doggy ecstasy”.  It was odd, funny and completely appropriate since I had just retrieved our sheets from the dryer and they were still warm to the touch.  My dog was relishing the moment – fresh sheets.  He was using all his senses to enjoy a fleeting experience.  He saw opportunity, seized it with abandon and gave the proverbial middle finger (if dogs had fingers) to what I or anyone else thought.

You doubt me?  The above picture was taken when Scruffy was in his fit of happiness.  If you can tell me that he isn’t fully lost and enjoying the moment, then I can’t help you.  So this week, I am going to blast Christmas music, wear my Halloween costume and search for the perfect stuffing recipe for Thanksgiving and enjoy every moment because this is my reality.  I can’t change my crazy life but I can at least appreciate the ride that it is taking me on…..

[picture credit: Courtney Lake]

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