Motivational Monday: Tooting Your Horn ….

Will Rogers Horn Tooting Quote

Sometimes when you have your head down working, you forget things.  You forget to eat, get gas for the car or mention that you are being featured in the San Francisco Chronicle!!

Courtney Lake Chronicle

It wasn’t until I started receiving congratulatory emails, texts and calls that it dawned on me that was the day!  If you follow my Instagram feed, I leaked a sneak peek from the shoot at the Chronicle studio which found me dancing up a storm in front of the lens of the talented Craig Lee (thanks Craig for making me look like a rocker star!) and in general having a great time.

As I look back from when I received the email from the writer Anh-Minh to actually shooting the piece with Craig, it was a mental journey in allowing myself to be appreciated and acknowledged.  Like many in the design field, we are hyper critical of our work, I think partially to defend ourselves from whatever criticisms will arise.  Having produced this blog for several years now, the level of scrutiny you open yourself up to when sharing projects is high and at times it can be hurtful and stress-inducing.  So by shirking from the limelight, you save your psyche (and ego) some mental wear and tear.

Truth is, I was scared when the request came in.  What if my work wasn’t good enough?  What if me peers saw me as a poser?  What if….what if….what if.  And then I thought, what if I actually enjoy the fact that I have worked for over two years and a publication wants to profile me?  What if I took pride in knowing that this is an honor and something I should be proud of accomplishing?  What if I just shut the f**k up, put on some cool clothes and have a good time in front of a camera?

And I did.

Having someone else toot your horn, makes you realize that all of us rarely take the time to celebrate our accomplishments.  It’s these milestones that fuel us between this peaks because I know there will be valleys.  So this week, I encourage all of you to pull out your proverbial horn and let it rip!

[pictures: & SF Chronicle]

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2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Tooting Your Horn ….

  1. You’ve the best quotations ever. EVER. I am so pleased to see someone who enjoys doing what he’s doing, makes it look so effortless, and allows for the proverbial peak behind the kimono so we see you are simply a human being…who happens to be blessed with a TREMENDOUS aesthetic. Power to you, Mr. C!
    PS Braxton

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