Walking London ….

One wouldn’t say that London is a “walking city” per say, but I think that the only way you can truly appreciate any new environment is by strapping on your runners and pounding the pavement.  Fortunately for the participants one of our kind sponsors, Poggenpohl, organized an entire day’s of festivities for us starting in their beautiful showroom…..

Poggenpohl  Collage 2 Poggenpohl Collage 1

I loved walking through the Poggenpohl showroom and was pleasantly surprised by the range that the company is now showing.  Mostly known for slick and modern kitchens, Poggenpohl is really stretching it’s design muscle by showing more traditional kitchens as seen above.  So you still get the quality and ease of a Poggenpohl kitchen with all the amenities but the look of a more traditional space.  It’s the perfect middle ground for many of my clients where the wife wants traditional but the husband hankers for the bells and whistles.  Now I can give it to them in one nice package!

From the showroom, Poggenpohl arranged a coach/walking tour by local architect, Timothy Bruce-Dick, who proved to be a well-spring of information all delivered in the dry delivery that only a Brit could give.  Having access to someone like Timothy who has a deep knowledge of London architecture and the internal politics that building in city details was amazing!  I spent the first half of the tour listening intently to the behind-the-scenes stories and forgot to take pictures (bad blogger…)!  However, I more than made up for my snafu in the second half of the tour as Timothy lead us past some of London’s more iconic buildings & structures including the Shard and the Gherkin as well as redevelopment areas like More London……

London 1 London 2 London 3 London 4 London 5 London 6 London 7 London 8 London 9 London 10 London 11 London 13 London 14 London 15 London 16 London 17

The London skyline exudes a kinetic energy with the new juxtaposed against the old.  I am smitten and wish that America had the same mentality of celebrating the new but cherishing the old.

Okay I am off to absorb some of my local history and culture with a run!  Have a GREAT weekend!

[pictures courtesy yours truly!]

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One thought on “Walking London ….

  1. Great shots. I was in London last week at the GLA – the building next to your shot of Tower Bridge. Not sure if anyone mentioned its nickname… It’s fondly referred to as a small round part of the male anatomy. Too much information?!

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