And We’re Live Video Workshop…..

It’s no secret that I don’t mind being on camera.  Unlike alot of people, the camera doesn’t scare me.  However, that doesn’t mean that being in front of the camera comes naturally.  I would say I have an affinity for it but it is something that definitely has to be nurtured and practiced, like any natural ability such as drawing, singing or drinking (errr) …… As I delve deeper into this rabbit hole called design, being on camera is becoming more and more common, so it makes sense invest in video training that not only helps me look and sound my best but gives me the tools to really convey the essence of who I am…..

Enter Kelley Moore, television personality and lifestyle expert, and her And We’re Live Video Workshop……


I had the opportunity to participate in the inaugural workshop in Seattle with several other lifestyle and design personalities.  Over the course of 3 days, Kelley leads you through a series of exercises that really dive into what makes you…..well you.  An emphasis is paid to having each participate articulate their brand identity.  And before you mumble the phrase “but I don’t have a brand….” think again.  As Kelley points out early on, if you have a blog, web site or business, then you have a brand, so it behooves you to spend the time and energy defining it before someone does it for you!

The workshop is divided into three basic groupings:

  • Define, Refine & Design:  During the first day, you will spend considerable time working in large and small groups to define your personal brand, the key messages behind it and creating a short, succinct elevator/marketing pitch.  Don’t worry, it isn’t like school since the day is broken up by fantastic industry panels and a few fun surprises.
  • Pitch, Ditch, Hitch: The second day finds you taking all the work from Day One and putting it to use, because my friends, you are going to be pitching your brand to real producers.  No – these aren’t mock or role-playing games…’s the real deal baby.  Kelley mined her industry contacts to bring producers, bookers and other editors into the Workshop so you have the opportunity to really understand what they are looking for when selecting talent.  What’s your hook?  What’s your story?  And by all means, don’t bury the lead!  It’s scary and exhilarating at the same time because once you pitch, you are back working figuring out how what worked, ditching it and refining the aspects of your personal story that were most compelling.  Last, you are taking all that you learned and putting it down into the form of a script because my friends you are shooting the next day!  But don’t worry, Kelley has one-on-ones with each participant to help outline a script that lets you and your brand shine!
  • Showtime:  Two days of prep lead up to the big deal – shooting your own video using the script you wrote.  Hair, make-up, sound and video are provided by a team of experts along with Kelley who will be coaching you through the process.  After the video shoot, you are whisked off to have your professional head shot done because honestly you are already dolled up to perfection so why waste the golden opportunity!

So to recap, you get coaching from a television personality with insider knowledge, access to working industry professionals in TV and print for networking, brand consulting and a professionally shot & edited 2 minute along with a headshot for one price?  Oh did I mention that it is three days of pretty much non-stop fun?  Check out the pics from my time in Seattle……










Don’t get me wrong, it’s work but it’s beyond rewarding!  I will be sharing my video shortly with you all as part of a larger project but from what I have seen, I am beyond excited to share!

Speaking of sharing, Kelley has three more Workshops through the end of the year: San Francisco, Seattle and New York and there is still room in the San Francisco Workshop!  If you have ever wanted to test the waters in video, then I highly suggest you book one of her workshops now.  I can only speak for myself but it has improved my on-camera confidence tremendously and has opened the door to a variety of queries/business opportunities that I didn’t know existed.  Think of going to the Workshop has an early Christmas present ….and one you won’t be returning coming the new year!

[pictures courtesy Belathée Photography]

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5 thoughts on “And We’re Live Video Workshop…..

  1. What a great post! Who’s the tall dark handsome one with the captain’s hat? 😉 You all look fab. Is this workshop coming to the Bay soon?? I hope so! xx

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