Motivational Mondays: Autumn ….

Autumn Quote_Albert Camus

I think it’s true that you always want what you don’t or can’t have.  For me, that is a true Fall season.  Living in California has a multitude of perks but true, distinct seasons is not one of them.  Yes, it’s 70 degrees in October and we only get one real rainy month, but I would trade many of those things for three months of clear skies and crisp air.  The ability to layer on sweaters and coats and enjoy a glass of hot cider to chase away the evening chill.

More so, Fall is really an inspiring time for me.  Maybe its the leaves changing colors or all the combinations of color and textures that emerge from people’s closets but I always find myself inspired and excited for this time of year.  Combine this with my recent trip to London and I my head is swimming in a delicious stew of concepts and design snippets ready to be brought to life.

So this week, I am going to fully embrace Fall and all the inspiration it has to offer.  Heck, I may even pull out a turtleneck or two to get into the mood!  Okay, I probably won’t but it is a nice idea……

[pictures courtesy Courtney Lake]

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