Cheerio America! London Design Festival Here I Come…..

London or Bust

So I am just warning y’all now — if you hear of a stylishly dressed African-American who bummed rushed the Queen Mum for a hug, it was not me.  Everyone knows Pippa Middleton is more my speed!  But seriously, this week I am catching a plane to go across the pond to attend London Design Festival 2013 as a guest of BlogTour London 2013 presented by Modenus …..


However, before I go, I need to say thank you to the generous sponsors of BlogTour London 2013 because without their donations this trip would not be possible……


I am excited to see the innovations the sponsors along with the numerous other vendors in London will be debuting at the Festival and plan reporting back over the course of October all the discoveries I stumble upon.  In the mean time, if you want to live vicariously, be sure to check my Insta.gram feed over the course of the week to get a sneak peek!

Until then mates, cheerio!  (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)…….

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