Motivational Mondays: Envy …

Envy Quote_Jean Vanier

The green-eyed monster bit me hard last week.  I like to think of myself as a champion for my friends and colleagues but for some reason last week each accolade someone else received seemed like a ding against me.  It was uncomfortable, not productive and frankly I didn’t like myself very much.  For reasons I am still trying to figure out, last week just emotionally chaffed me — everything seemed “against” me which I know was not the case.  Someone else’s gain felt like something I lost – crazy huh?  It was a weird and awkward mental place to have been as I believe a huge part of my role in social media is to trumpet & support my fellow designers/bloggers/social media peeps — it’s a small world and if you can’t support each other than it’s gonna be a lonely sad trek….

I can’t tell you the countless times I have gotten a phone call, email or a text asking me to participate in something simply because people are paying it forward.  Life and work isn’t a competition, it’s a collaboration.  None of us got to our positions in life alone and it would be foolish on my end to begrudge anyone’s success.  More so, the envy was a sign — those things I was envious of were those things I worry about the most.  The envy was the embodiment of my pain points that need to be worked on.  Envy is like a mirror — those things we are most envious of are typically the things we need to work on in ourselves.

So this week, I am picking back up my metaphorical pom poms and cheering at the top of my lungs.  Life is too short and friendships too precious to get caught up in envy.  Besides, green has never quite been my color…….. Here is to a week where we each work on our faults and hone them into an asset!  Have a great week!!!

[photo credit: Joe Shere]

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2 thoughts on “Motivational Mondays: Envy …

  1. Courtney,
    I always appreciate how honest you are in your posts. It is very refreshing to hear someone be “real”, because the reality is, we all feel that way sometimes. It is just nice to know we are not alone in our feelings. Thanks for keepin’ it real!

  2. Courtney,

    This was so well put! I find that with all of the social media we consume everyday it is easy to get caught up in everyone else’s success, and forget about our own. I love this post!

    ~ Michelle

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