Pen to Paper: Menlo Park Project….

A college friend contacted me last year to inquire if I would be interested in helping him update his Menlo Park condo.  Knowing my friend’s taste and his easy-going persona, I immediately jumped aboard.  Then things promptly came to a halt — my friend’s work schedule was already hectic but then he became fully immersed in a new business venture that ate up all his free time.  We were finally able to nail down our schedules and get back on track.

Last week, we presented to him the full concept for his space — a mix of mid-century (my wheelhouse), contemporary and a touch of  70’s chic — because if I learned anything having nourished myself on a steady diet of the Brady Brunch, every house owner needs a bit of swinging awesomeness to make it their own.

Here are the sketches of the two spaces and a quick synopsis of the proposed changes and furnishings…..

Living room Sketch

The fireplace gets re-imagined with white stacked stone, gas insert and extended hearth for extra seating.  The stone wraps around to the adjacent wall creating a focal point in the living room.  The existing built-in is updated with paint and a cool wallpaper treatment on the back.  A new couch is being made from linen and the most yummy leather seat that speaks to the sling chair in the corner of the space.  Ottomans finish off the sitting arrangement that we are recovering in a fabric from Kelly Wearstler.  Geometric wood side tables and an amazing floor lamp from Diesel (they do more than denim!) finish off that space.

Dining Sketch

The dining room we are installing a beautiful metallic gold grasscloth on the walls that will play so well with the copper chairs I have my eye on for around the live edge dining table.  And before you point out the obvious, the French vintage cabinet is going bye-bye!  Sometimes a client is set on using a piece, even when you it is dead wrong for the space.  So you run with it.  Showing the piece in context to the rest of the design was the exact nudge the client needed to move forward with my other set of ideas for a free-standing piece that I am positive will knock his socks off and just may set me up to be the best designer in the world…..or so I like to tell myself when I am accepting the imaginary Emmy for Best Interior Design in a dream sequence.  But seriously, the new shelving unit fits in perfectly with the vision for the space and provides a ton of storage and a nice counterpoint to the stone wall.

So there you have the Menlo Park project in a nutshell.  The team is finalizing POs and delivery schedules but if all goes well, we should be entering construction in the next month and finishing everything before Christmas — well that is if my own Christmas wish comes true 🙂

If you need design assistance in the Bay Area, feel free to shoot me an email at courtneylakeinteriors(at) to inquire about my services!

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