Play Date: Blu Dot Store Opening ….

Blu Dot is one of my favorite furniture brands for finding that perfect piece to hold a space. Whether it is a streamlined console or a quirky chair, I have found myself returning time and time again to the brand to complete my designs.  So when I got word that Blu Dot was opening up a store in SF, I actually jumped for joy and quickly made my way down to the store opening……

Blu Dot Sign

Blu Dot_Nuggets Blu Dot_Squirrel Blu Dot Real Good Chair Blu Dot Posters Blu Dot Console Blu Dot Chair Blu Dot Bed Blu Dot 2

I am currently obsessed with the Real Good Chair – between the copper and unique shape, I am in love with them and have my fingers crossed that my client loves them as much as I do!

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2 thoughts on “Play Date: Blu Dot Store Opening ….

  1. I really love blu dot furniture and have several pieces. (I have a real good chair in white, but am eyeing that fine copper specimen too–love its patina!) It’s super cool stuff and made in Minnesota, where I live. It is kinda pricey though, so lucky for me, they do an annual warehouse sale, and our local craigslist always has a few items to nab!

    But I am jealous you have a blu dot store… I guess we’re cool enough here in MN to make the product, but not worthy of a real good store to experience it… We just have a “dot spot”, a store within a store with an edited assortment. The injustice!

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