Motivational Monday: Brand Awareness…

Jeff Bezos BRand Quote

This week I am in Seattle participating in a workshop with friend and talented lifestyle expert Kelley Moore on how to extend your brand to television and print.  I have been thinking for a while about the blog and the business trying to figure out exactly what they represent.  What is it about the blog and about my design business that make them unique, interesting and appealing.  After a serious bout of brainstorming, I realized some of the aspects of the blog I have strayed away from and I am okay with that.  I always said that the blog was a diary of my thoughts, aspirations, fears and dreams with a healthy dose of snarky humor for good measure.

However, when I applied that same focus to the business, I am seeing that there are aspects that have yet to be flushed out and fully realized.  I now know there are some things I need to do to get myself on track for success.  Some of those are scary for a variety of reasons but needed.  I can’t have the brand I want if I am not willing to do the work.  If I can’t stand behind my brand, then who will?  So I am excited for the next several days to take some time to really delve into what makes me brand tick and see how I can push it to the next level.

Fingers crossed.

Here is to each of you realizing the power of your own personal brand and taking the steps to invest in it!

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