Motivational Mondays: In the Moment …

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Ahhh.  Hawaii was amazing but for reasons I didn’t quite appreciate until AFTER I got home.  We arrived on Maui and it was an instantly flurry of activities from the wedding to hikes to catching up with friends.  All of which left me tired, irritable and sunburned (yuppers, I got a nasty ol’ sunburn on my forehead…peeling and splotchy I am!).

I got so wrapped up in what I wasn’t enjoying about my time in Maui that I was missing the experience of being ON MAUI.  Come on folks – I was in on of the most freakin’ amazing places in the world and I was missing out on it.  Somewhere around Wednesday night, I ended up getting ill for reasons not fully understood, and was forced to spend the evening in bed.  Alone and sick in a hotel room in Maui and miserable.  Lying in bed forced me to slow down and really think about why I was so dissatisfied with this trip.  We were doing great stuff, we were seeing great friends and for all purposes should have been having a ball with all the stuff we were doing.

And then it hit me.

We were doing too much stuff.

So here is the deal, The Partner and I see each other every night but we don’t get to spend alot of time together doing things.  Our vacations, at least to me, are those moments where I can get some serious QT with the boy.  Essentially, vacations are about us and now there wasn’t much “us” in this vacation.  And it evidently annoyed me and was manifesting itself outwardly.  Long story made kinda shorter, I was so annoyed that I didn’t get what I defined as “quality time” with The Partner that I was not fully appreciating and seeing all the amazing time we were spending together albeit with other people around.

With the “aha moment” found, I switched gears and explained to The Partner what I was feeling.  Fortunately, the man is a saint disguised as a patient boyfriend and with a few quick calls, things got shifted and we found ourselves with a whole unscheduled day to call our own.  Knowing that we had that bit of free time completely relaxed me to enjoy the rest of the trip and the amazing company that surrounded us.  I was able to appreciate the now ……

I say all of this to get to my point of, don’t let yourself and anything else get in your way of appreciating the present.  Forever may seem like a long time, but it can go by pretty quickly if you are always focused on what is to come or what isn’t there like me on vacation.

So I am going to take my own words and focus on the now by getting some design work done!  Have a great week and I am happy to be back…..

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