24 Hours: Need Your Votes for Modenus BlogTour London 2013….

London Bust


[deep breaths]

Okay.  Here is the deal, I was leisurely eating my veggie sandwich when I received the news that I have been nominated for the final spot in the Modenus BlogTour London 2013. The event brings together top designers and lifestyle bloggers to converge for a week in the UK at the London Design Festival.  It’s an amazing opportunity for me as a designer not only to see the best in cutting edge design and decor but the network of talent that I would be surrounded with is simply amazing.  These are the real deal folks – interior designers, decorators, architects and stylists who eat, live and breathe design.

But here is the catch – I am  up against some stiff competition for the last spot and I need your votes!  I have 24 hours (until 5pm tomorrow) to garner as many votes as possible.  You can vote by clicking on the button below, scrolling to the bottom and clicking on my blog.


I am beyond excited and nervous at what this opportunity holds.  Opportunities like this are game changers for designers and I am almost vibrating with energy at the prospect of this actually happening.  I know I have come back to the proverbial well often and you have treated me kindly and have helped on so many  levels.  I know it’s because of the blog and the awesome readers that opportunities like this arise.  I am hoping we can make magic again!

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

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11 thoughts on “24 Hours: Need Your Votes for Modenus BlogTour London 2013….

  1. I read your blog every day! How exciting to be nominated for this. An amazing opportunity for you. I just voted for you!!

  2. Why can’t I vote twice?! Good luck! I hope you win it so you can come back with even more great stuff to share with us readers 🙂

  3. Congratulations Courtney ! I gave you a run for the money… and …. you were lovely in the challenge. I find it absolutely remarkable to see the awesome support we had, and epic votes from people all over the world. It was a fast hectic day yesterday.. but still a blast.
    Have an amazeballs time in London. You deserve it. xx

    cheers !!

    • Thank you Lynn! That is beyond kind and generous of you. It was a fight to the very end and the last few days just affirms how amazing blogging has been to both of us. The amount of support and love that people poured behind us is amazing. Fortunately it looks like it resulted in positive experiences for both of us!

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