Motivational Mondays: Tiredness…..

Jules Renard Tired Quote

Part of me wants to crawl back to bed and pray for a non-damaging, non-deadly natural disaster so I can extend my weekend by a day.  I was lucky enough to have dear friends from France visit for the weekend as part of their yearly West Coast road trip.  We spent the weekend tasting spirits at St. George Distillery (more to come on that later in the week), cooking meals at the house and celebrating their one year anniversary.  It was tremendously fun and satisfying to see them and be part of their first milestone.


It was extremely tiring.  As much as I planned, prepped and scheduled what I could, there was still a large number of things I couldn’t quite happen until late into the night or early in the morning.  Needless to say, this Monday finds me dragging a bit and digging deep for energy (green juice here I come!).  But I say all of this because sometimes I fail to realize at what “level” I am running at until it’s pointed out to me.  As my friend, Ines, pointed out my version of “thrown together” is most people’s “fancy”.  And I guess that’s true — we each have a baseline of what we expect from ourselves.  My standards are high and therefore so is my work.

Oddly enough I took solace in that notion that the things I put out there for others to enjoy is appreciated and respected.  It’s the same in my design work — the time, training, attention to detail and passion is what clients are paying to utilize.  It’s that dedication that the job will get done to the best of our ability even if it means pushing past our comfort zones to new levels of excellence.

Today as I prep for yet another photo shoot, I am sitting for a moment to acknowledge my achy back and stiff neck before I get back to the grind.  Because it’s that never-ending grind that is going to make ensure I am never lazy and always on point.  So as we start this week, I challenge each of you to look at your own work and choose that one task or skill you think you can push to the next level because success never sleeps……

[image source: real simple magazine]

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