Extending the Olive Branch….

There comes a time when you throw your hands in the air and give up.  I typically try to march to my beat when it comes to decor but I fell under the allure of the fiddle leaf fig tree.  Their leafy goodness and textural quality brings a sense of life and vitality to room.  They beautifully fill a corner and provide a focal point that a lamp or art piece can’t do.

But I can’t keep them alive.  Each dead leaf is like a little stab to my heart.  So I am calling a truce and extending an olive branch to you Mr. Fiddle Leaf Fig.  I give up and I think I am going to give your distant cousin the Olive Tree a go…..

Olive 2

While not as grand and full as the fiddle leaf, there is a sleek and modern aesthetic to the olive tree.  They remind me of large-scale topiary — their willowy nature brings a lightness & airiness to rooms.

Olive 3 Olive 6 Olive 9

Olive 10 Olive 12

So to you Fiddle Leaf, I say good day and good luck!  I say good day!!!

Okay, I now have a new obsession and a new weekend project!  Hope you have a good one and see you on Monday!!!!

[image sources]

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3 thoughts on “Extending the Olive Branch….

  1. I love the colors of the olive tree trunk and leaves. Hope your green fingers can work their magic with the olive tree. They do look pretty but I am not sure how well they do inside. Good luck!!!

  2. I have wanted a fiddle leaf for SO long, haven’t tried yet. i’m scared we dont get enough light and it’ll be a goner… 😦 These olive trees look great, you can do it Courtney!

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