Motivational Mondays: Maintaining Your Inner Child….

Socrates Quote_Child

I have a job that requires me to color, draw and daydream.  I get to sketch out the wildest ideas I can conjure up, wash them in any color of the rainbow and present them to people who pay me money.  Essentially my work is child’s play and last week I had a terrible time doing it.

I was blocked.

Nothing was coming out.  Each time I sat to brainstorm, I was greeted with a blank sheet of paper and zero ideas.  I was stressed that the ideas weren’t flowing.  So I decided to take a walk.  One of the routes I take is past a pre-school where there is always some group of children in constant play.  I stopped and stared at them for a minute (probably to the chagrin of the attendants who probably just saw some weird dude staring at kids through a fence…).  It occurred to me that every kid on the playground was doing one thing — playing with reckless abandon.  So what they struck out.  Who cared if they tripped and fell.

Their failures were just momentary setbacks — mere seconds in their lives before they found a new direction.  There was no stress of failure but there was revelation in their success.  And it struck me — I was blocking my success by being afraid of failing.

I needed to be honest with my reality that I could be wrong.  I had to trust that the process I have been trained in will lead me to solid ideas that can be executed.  Success isn’t the destination but if I didn’t get started with something, I let me fear win.  An hour later I found myself at my desk with several really horrible ideas …. I mean simply horrible.  As bad as I thought they were, they gave me a starting point and I did, finally reaching a design that was fun and reflective of the client.

Sometimes, we need to remember that we are our most honest when at play.  So this week I challenge you to play like a child because you may just find yourself being an honest adult.

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