Play Date: Esqueleto …..

I love stumbling upon little boutiques in my own backyard.  I went searching for a donut and found the adorable boutique, Esqueleto.  The shop opened its doors in August 2011 in Oakland, CA and is curated by owner Lauren Wolf.  Wolf relocated to the West Coast after eight years of establishing her namesake line, Lauren Wolf Jewelry, in New York City.  Like so many Oakland entrepreneurs Lauren discovered a city filled with smart, stylish and design-savvy clients starved for unique and well-made goods.  When the opportunity arose Lauren chose to open up Esqueleto in the rather cool Temescal Alley area of Oakland.

E_2 Sign

E_3 Mirror

The shop features a rotating assortment of artists, objects and jewelry in a desert-like shop.  Each corner of the store is filled with independent designers and artists who have created covet-worthy objects of desire……

E_1 E_7 E_6 E_5 E_4

However. what sucked me in was the jewelry……the pieces run from ornate to pared-down luxe.  I fell in love with an unpolished quartz and sterling silver pendant necklace from the designer, Sarah Swell.

E_8 E_9

So if you are Oakland, stop by Esqueleto and partake in all the amazing wares that Lauren offers.  And did I mention, you can get donuts next door?  Yes people…housewares, jewelry and donuts.  My life is complete.

Have an awesome weekend and be safe!

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