Play Date: Crown & Crumpet Tea Stop Cafe …..

I am always amazed by San Francisco.  I spend my days trolling for treasures in the most random places in the Bay Area, only discover something that was in plain sight, right under my nose……

Crown and Crumpet Intro

Today I was introduced to British high tea and I kinda love it.  Typically, I am Californian to my core — relaxed and laid back but there is something so delicious behind the formality of the concept but thanks to the owners, Amy & Christopher, they have infused the tradition with a wit and charm that is decidedly American.  That plus a bevy of others is why Crown & Crumpet Tea Stop Cafe is going to be a regular destination when I am in San Francisco…..

Time for Tea

Originally located in Ghirardelli Square, the shop relocated to it’s petite Japantown location this year and continues to serve its signature brand of tea, Britannia and local charm with a healthy dose of delicious treats (try the crumpets with lemon curd – OMG!) …..

Crown and Crumpet Bites Crown & Crumpets Bites 2

At the open house, Amy explained why she and her husband opened the original shop and their plans for expanding the brand as well as the services that they offer at the Cafe’s Japantown location.  Explaining that most people stop in for a quick bite, Amy noted that the Cafe regularly hosts tea parties in their private room ranging from children’s birthdays to wedding showers.

Crown and Crumpet 5 Crown & Crumpet 1 Let them eat cake

The thing I loved the most was that while Crown and Crumpet‘s is steeped (insert tea pun here) in tradition, there is no pretense.  It was fun, delicious and a great way to fight the SF morning chill.  I am looking forward to my next visit……

Crown and Crumpets Sugar

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3 thoughts on “Play Date: Crown & Crumpet Tea Stop Cafe …..

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love the clock. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this place – looks darling and the food looks delicious! As a bonafide Tea junkie this is now on the top of my ‘to visit’ list.

  2. Courtney!! Thank you for the great post on your very cool blog!! We loved having you come for tea this morning! We look forward to welcoming you back and have your style and charm grace Crown & Crumpet Tea Stop Cafe!

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