Motivational Monday: Looking Back……

Robin Williams Quote

July is the anniversary of me starting my design business.  Mind you, I didn’t get my first client until several months later, but July was the month that I told myself I was going to “do it” and hang my shingle for the world to see.  Since then I have made mistakes, hit roadblocks and seriously doubted if I was cut out to do this line of work.  Being the boss is scary and a place I never thought I would be but I am better for it.

I say all of this because over the last few weeks a few people have reached out to me for business advice and counsel.  I went into each meeting with apprehension on what I could offer them in the way of career advice, but as we talked it became clear that they were at specific points that I too had to navigate.  As we talked, their questions were similar to ones I had.  Their thoughts were similar to those I pondered.  I can’t say that my answers were filled with pearls of wisdom but they were filled with lessons learned from making a lot of wrong choices.  As the quote says above, I learned what was eventually right by seeing what was left on the field after making my other choices.

Life, work and all the things between are about choices — many we will make correctly and some we won’t.  When those wrong ones came up, I rarely allowed myself to survey the landscape to see what was left — I was too caught in myself for making a “wrong choice” that I often missed the learning opportunities they presented.  I now know that those wrong choices have informed me as a person, a businessman and a designer.  When they do now, I still freak out (its habit) but I take a moment to see the whole picture, take notes and then move forward because in the end, I think only fools relish their successes without acknowledging their failures…..

So with this short week, I challenge you to look at your mistakes and view them as equals to your triumphs because both will serve you well.  Have a great week!

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3 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Looking Back……

  1. I enjoy your blog so much. You seem to me that you have such a balance between work and play. Your work is inspirational to me as a fused glass artist. I look forward to your Inspirational Monday’s. Keep on keepin on. (Bob Dylan quote) Thank you for sharing your thoughts and lessons.

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