A New Day ….

Two Men Holding Hands



As we enter Gay Pride in the Bay Area, my fellow LGBQT family is filled with a sense of hope.  It’s intoxicating in a way to see so many people smiling.  People saying that the feel their family is finally “whole”. Strangers asking with genuine interest if me and The Partner are getting married.  It’s strange and exciting. So today I am letting it sink it that this is a dawn of a new day.  A day where commitment is not defined by law but by love……

Have a great weekend!

[picture: ABC News]

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3 thoughts on “A New Day ….

  1. Wonderful! You may have heard downunder we have had ‘another’ leadership spill. Apart from our rocky politicians, although I am nowhere near a fan of this leader, he does support marriage equailty which is something to get excited about! Enjoy your beautiful weekend, with love!

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